SAP FI Self-Test Questions and Answers #6

These are just simulated Financial Accounting Questions to self-test your knowledge.

These are just simulated Financial Accounting Questions to self-test your knowledge.

1. Which of the following are screen areas of Business Workplace?

a) Selection tree
b) Workflow
c) Work list
d) Work item preview

2. Which of the following are call up points?

a) Document number
b) Document header
c) Document line item
d) complete document

3. Profitability Management is related to which SAP R/3 specific module (Please choose the correct option)?

a) Financial Accounting.
b) Materials Management.
c) Controlling.
d) Enterprise Controlling.
e) Sales & Distribution.

4. Transaction type specifies which of the following are updated:

a) Value fields
b) Depreciation areas
c) Asset balance sheet accounts
d) All of the above

5. You can assign an asset to the following Controlling objects:

a) cost center.
b) Internal order
c) Activity type
d) Maintenance order
e) All of the above

6. Which of the following are Form Types in drilldown reporting?

a) Single axis form without key figure.
b) Single axis form with key figure.
c) Dual axis form with key figure.
d) Dual axis form without key figure.

7. Which of the following evaluations types available only for customers?

a) The DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) evaluation
b) The overdue items evaluation
c) Terms Agreed/Terms Taken
d) The currency analysis
e) The due date analysis

8. Which of the following is not a function of SAP List Viewer?

a) Select List.
b) Select Detail.
c) Summation
d) Select Columns
e) Select Report.

9. What characteristic is needed when we need to calculate profits according to the cost-of-sales approach (Please choose the correct option)?

a) Plant.
b) Cost Center.
c) Functional Area.
d) Dummy Profit Center.
e) Operating Concern.

10. Consider the following sentences and choose the correct option:

a) All transactions carried out during a period are stored with a date weighting in the average balance ledger.
b) The opening balance is taken from the average balance ledger "8A".
c) The average balance ledger (8Z) contains both weighted transactions by period and by company code.
d) A transfer price is a price used to plan the transfer of goods and services that should be occur between independent organizational units.
e) The assignment of a Report Painter/Report Writer to a library is optional.



1. A, C and D.

2. B, C and D

3. D.

4. D.

5. E.

6. A, B and C.

7. A and C.

8. E.

9. C.

10. A.


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