SAP FICO Interview Questions

What are the frequently asked questions on SAP FICO Interview Questions?

1. What is chart of account? What is the relevance of defining chart of account?

A. It is the top level  financial structure, contains the GL Accounts we define the all the accounts and one chart of accounts assign to company code and one chart of accounts will assign to many company codes . It is list of Gl accounts and  it contains account no , account name, language, length, cost element, blocking information that controls the how an account functions and how a gl account created in company code . COA Key.

2.  What is account group? What does it control?

A. IT determines the which fields you need to configure on the GL master record. It is necessary to have at least 2, one for B/S and another one for P&L accounts. It controls the number ranges of GL. The Status fields of the master record of GL Belong to company code area.

3.  What is posting key? What is its role?

A. It controls the line item of GL entry debit and credit.

4.  What is business area?

A. Organizational unit of external accounting that corresponds to a specific business segment or area of responsibility in a company. Financial statements can be created for business areas for internal purposes. They are primarily used to facilitate external segment reporting across company codes covering the main operation of a company (product line, Branches). The Business area may be the branch of the company or product lines it deals with

5.  While defining chart of account, there is field "manual creaation of cost element" and "automatic creation of cost element", what is it?
A. Generally when ever we are creating cost elements we can create some of exependitures manually some automatically so we can create manually cost elements in defining chart of accounts.

6. After creating a customer/vendor, how can we check that under which account group we have configured this customer/vendor?

A. We can check through customer group and vendor group it was created by ours when we are creating  vendor and customer groups.

7. How the system will know that april is your first posting period?

A. Yes the system will find out april was first posting period. While configuring fiscal year we giving april to 1 may to 2, june to 3, like this system will identify april was the first posting period.

8. Define the term "fiscal year" , "posting period  varient" & " field status varient".

A.  FSGV controls the additional account assignments and other fields that can be posted at the line item level for GL a/c. FSGV can be  control at three level i.e., 
1) In OBC4 (ch of a/cís) - which controls the screen for a particular GL a/c group, 

2) Posting Keys - which controls the screen for a particular posting key transaction is taken, & 

3) Accounting Groups - which controls the screen for a particular account group i.e., customer group or vendor group.

A. Posting period variant which controls posting periods, both   normal and special periods are open for each company code. The posting period is independent of fiscal year variant.

A. Fiscal year is controls the which type year we are following like calendar year, year dependent year.

SAP FICO Interview Questions

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