Employers Criteria For SAP Consultant

What Criteria Employers Are looking for SAP Consultant?
Compared to other type of industries, the IT industry is considered as best in terms of infrastructure, work environment, salaries and other benefits/facilities. 

Employees feel at home concept is applicable to almost all the IT industries. It is not something that the IT industries are compromising with its employees, but it is the quality of their work force which deserves the best. 

Today, SAP is regarded as one of the top ten IT skills, which comprise of a considerable number of employees in it, known as consultants. Because some people feel that the consultants are superior to employees, it is natural that the process of hiring a consultant should be more difficult than hiring an employee. Exceptions are always there. 

Skills Requirement
The following are some of the important skills a senior SAP consultant must have and almost all the employers are looking for: 

- Good domain and extensive SAP (module specific) implementation & support experience. 

- Experience in leading a team of consultants and monitoring the activities through on-shore and off-shore model. 

- Possess good experience in effort estimation, documentation process including SAP implementation methodology, monitoring the developments and providing high quality solution. 

- Well-versed in various phases of SAP Project implementation and support and vast knowledge of the Data Migration process. 

- Experience in interfacing with client core team in interacting, understanding and delivering solutions. Provide periodic status update to the Senior. Management and client.

- Experience in understanding the Client's requirement and carry out application assessment activities. 

- Experience in developing templates for the various Business scenarios. 

Some of the skills as mentioned above can be waived by the employer at the time of hiring, but below mentioned are those which need a great amount of consideration by both employee as well as employer. 

- Technical/functional Skill 

- Presentation Skills 

- Communication Skills 

- Interpersonal Skills 

SAP Consultant or End Users Role

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