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Please don't be despair if you can't find any SAP career positions now.  The market will pick up and things will get better. Always believe nothing is impossible if you just stick to your belief.

You have already made the correct move to pick up or know more about SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Followings a few invaluable pointers for those who are eager to get into the SAP Employment Market. (No right or not though)

Pointers to enter SAP Market for Fresher:

1. Select a niche area preferably last addition from SAP Net Weaver Framework (Enterprise Portal, Master Data Management).

2. Get trained in more area (If you can afford, get certified not only in one area but a few areas. E.g. SD/MM/PP, FI/CO. This will value add to your resume.

3. Do Post-graduate course from University that are affilate partners of SAP.

4. Stick to your belief and willing to accept SAP entry level job. (Paycheck might be lower than your current job, but its worth it).

5. Read more about SAP from whatever sources (SAP Books, Training CBT, Forums etc). E.g People in the yahoo groups are very helpful.

6. SAP is selling Demo CD for Desktop installation.  That might be a way to get yourself train on CRM or other SAP modules by yourself or select a reasonable SAP Training Course.

7. Choose your SAP modules wisely by finding out the demand and their market size.  
For e.g. before changing your field, you should note the following as example:
1. SAP QM module has less opening compare to other modules - only few companies implements QM module.
2. QM module is very small module.  Normally PP/MM consultant can learn QM module very easily.    
3. In SAP, you have to be ready for move from one place to other place as per your project. Normally, project schedule is for 3-4 months only.  

We were all once fresher and were rather skeptical like all of you in the beginning.  However, finally we found ourselves a 
challenging job in SAP.  Besides, when we just started, we are earning 20% less than our pervious job but we are confident that in the future, the pay back will be much more. 

Good Luck in your quest for a career in SAP. 

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