Annual Increment In Payroll

I have payroll basic in following scale i.e. 4000-195-7900-205-12000. 

Now I am giving increment on every 1/4/2099.  Is it possible in SAP to give increment on 1/4/2099 without any manual intervention?

For e.g.  assuming the employee is having basic pay of Rs. 4195/- as on 31/3/2099. Now I have to give him an increment of Rs. 195/- on 1/4/2099. Can system revise his basic to Rs. 4390 without any manual intervention. 


You can opt for simple pay increase or enhanced pay increase.

The below is the procedure to bring the std increment:

1. Update the increment range in the table V_T7INB7 using SM30

2. Run the standard report PC00_M40_BSG.  Input the w.e.f. date and Batch group as test.

3. It will show the list.

4. Go to SM35

5. You can see the test in the batch input session.

6. Run in background.

7. Now go and see in the PA30 for certain employees.

If you run the batch input session, it will update the increment in Infotype 8 (Basicpay) automatically.

Basic Increment 

My client is giving increment every year depends upon grade 500 rs.  The Basic pay it has to add for all employees top to bottom.  Every year when we run payroll on 4th month, amount has to be added in basic pay.  When we get payroll results it has to show basic pay +500 also.


You can run the report RPU51000 from SE38 / SA38, there you can give the amount how much you want to give the increment on pay scale structure wise.

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