Contents Of Appraisal Catalog

What objects are there in appraisal model?
What are the main contents of Appraisal catalog?

Objects using in Appraisal Model:

- Appraisal Catalog

- Criteria Group

- Criterion

Contents of Appraisal Catalog:

- Form of Appraisal (Employee appraisal, Attendee, etc.)

- Scales ( Quality or Quantity )

- Type of Appraisal (Individual, Individual Anonymous, Multi source, Multi source Anonymous)

The appraisals catalog allows you to manage all the appraisal elements that are of interest to your company:

- Appraisal model

- Criteria groups

- Criteria

- Qualifications

You can then use these appraisal elements to map all kinds of appraisal systems in your system.

You need to have defined at least one form of appraisal before you can create appraisal models. For further information, please refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Personnel Development (step: Appraisal Systems -> Edit Form of Appraisal).

The functions available in the appraisals catalog include:

- Create, change, display, and delete individual appraisal elements (in the case of qualifications, only attributes relevant to the appraisal can be changed)

- Translate names and descriptions

- Multiple use of appraisal elements

- Appraisal scale proposed automatically when dependent entries are created

- Sorting options for entries in catalog

- Weighting of appraisal elements

- List showing where appraisal elements are used within the appraisal catalog (where-used list)

- Preview of appraisal layout (test data can be entered)

You create the appraisals catalog in Customizing for Personnel Development. Once the customized component has been implemented, you can make changes to the appraisals catalog by choosing:

Human resources -> Personnel management -> Personnel development -> Settings -> Current settings -> Edit appraisals catalog.

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