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This site contains free contents about the Java Language.  There are Java overview and tutorial, hints and tips, sample Java programs and example, certification questions with answers, FAQ, Java interview questions you can used for your Job interviews.  If you have any Java related questions, feel free to mingle in the Java Discussion forum.

Java Forum
Post your problems to the Java Community.  This is an email discussion group for Java Programmer to share information and request assistance from Java PEERS around the world.   The discussion topics should be focused on anything about Java and it related issues.

Java Programming Forum for Java Professional
The Basic of Java
History of Java
A Simple program
Variable and Expressions
String in Java
Assertion in Java
Benefits Or Advantages Of Java

Java Example Program Codes
Input through Keyboard
StackDemo shows how to use the linear set of objects
Demonstrate Boolean Values
The example draws several moving wadges on a circle
A Java Calculator
A Serializable JButton
Some Java Samples Codes
Cows and Bulls Game
Simple Date Validation
Simple Program for Reading Writing Content From File
How to Make a Java Class Immutable
How to Get the Start Date of the Week in Java
Example Uses Of Calendar Class
How to Upload a File and How to Store it
Keeping a Standard Coding Template
Random Sentence Generator
How To Make http To https Request
Reading The Hardware Address
Telephone Format Validation Rule
Coding For Playing A Wav File
Viewing PDF File Using Java
Coding Bubble Sort in Java
Sorting Objects Using Collections Sort
Coin Toss Programming Simulator
Logic For Graphs using JFreeChart
Control Structures with Example


Class Work Example
Modulus and OpEquals Example
Changing Fahrenheit to Centigrade
Class BRReadLines
Testing class

Code for Java-Mail
How To Send Email Using Java Mail
Java Codes To Send The Email Attachments

Hide Password From Command Line
User With Password Never Expires on MS-Adam
Encryption And Decryption Algorithm

XML Coding
Use XML in Java to Write Save Documents
Hibernate To Represent The DB Data In XML
Read and Write XML file
JTree With Nodes From An XML File

Java Question and Answer
Introduction to Java Programming
Data types,variables and Arrays
Operators available in Java
Java Control Statements
Introduction to Java Classes and Methods
Java Packages and interface
Java Exception Handling
What is an Exception Handling?
Checked and Unchecked Exceptions in Java
Java Multi Threading
Java Inheritance
The Purpose of Try
How To use getConnection
Questions with Answers #1
Questions with Answers #2
Questions with Answers #3
Method of The String Class

Coding Interview on Database - JDBC (java.sql) - One
Coding Interview on Database - JDBC (java.sql) - Two
The Types of JDBC Drivers
Call Procedure In JDBC
Creating Blob and Clob Data
JDBC and Servlet FAQs
Difference Between Database and Database Management System

Tips Before Java Certification Exam
Java Tips
Java Exam Notes
Java 2.0 Notes
Java Example Event Programming
Points learnt from Java mock exams

Java Certification Exam Questions
SCWCD Certification - Is It Worth Taking
Java Programmer Certification Mock Exam No 1
Mock Exam for Java 2 Programmer
Sun Certified Programmer Practice Exam
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java2 Platform
Sun Certification for Java2 Programming
Objective Type Of Questions and Answer For Java Certification
Java Certification Model Question & Answer - 1
Java Certification Model Question & Answer - 2
Java Certification Model Question & Answer - 3
Potential Trips/Traps in SCJP exam

Self Test
Self Testing Questions
Braindumps Questions and Answers

Connecting to Database
JDBC connection with MS SQL Server 2000
Using Mysql in Database Connectivity in Java
Fetch Records from Database after Selecting Dropdownlist

Difference Between Comparable And Comparator Interface
Strong and Weak Reference
Thin vs Thick Clients
Creating New, Extending class and Implementing interface
ExecuteQuery(), ExecuteUpdate() and Execute

Library To Call Java From Perl

How To Print Text File In Java
Get Directory List From Server
Create Executable Jar Files

Update Table With Jtextfield Filtering

Record in Maintable with Only INSERT Command

Useful Java Interview Questions
Preparation for Interview Tips
Java Interview Questions
Java and EJB - Interview Questions
Interview Questions in Core Java - Part One
Interview Questions in Core Java - Part Two
Unique And Tough Interview Questions
Difference Between Stack and Heap
Short Java Programming Questions
Java Developer Interview
Java Questionnaire

Interview Questions and Sample Answers
Interview Questions in Core Java 1
Interview Questions in Core Java 2
Java Technical Interview - Preparation Questions
Job Interview Questions For Programmers
Career Interview Questions For Success
Collections of Interview Questions
Further Interview Questions on Java
Important Servlet Questions
What Are Enumeration and Iterator

FREE Java eBook
Download your FREE Java Codes eBook
Download your FREE Java Exam Ques and Ans eBook
Java Certification on Language Fundamentals Guide

Object-Oriented Programming
Object-Oriented Programming and Java
Why OOPS Are More Popular
OOPS In Java Questions
Various Features of Object Oriented Programming Language

City and Guilds Exam Programs
Simple applet to add 2 integers
Program calculate perimeter of square, rectangle and triangle
Test the Class Shape
Class to Output the Suit of a Pack of Cards
Test class to test the workings of Card
Program to create a safe with 4 digit codes
Exercise to simulate a safe
Program class to develop a time class
Program to test the Time class
Class Time And Class Try To Parse String
Class read dates to determine if valid and produce outputs
Test class to for newDate class
Program to create a classic hangman game

Computer Simulation Java Codes
Java applet simulating flying through space
Java applet simulating a typical radar screen
Java application simulating an automatic bank teller machine
Java applet displaying a bunch of numbers moving across the screen

Java Exercise
Write a Method To Delete All Blanks
Method Of Comparing Two Numbers
Coding For Determining The Largest Number
Even Numbers Example in Java
Calculating The Business Hours

Java Tutorial
Compile and Run a Java Program
Java Arrays
Java Binary Representation Of Integers
Java Bitwise Logical Operators
Java Bitwise Shift Operators
Java if Statement
Java switch Statement
Java while Statement
Java for Statement
Java Boolean Logical Operators
Introduction to Java Classes
Introduction to Java Methods
Inline - Java - Callback Description

Java Scripts Tutorial
JavaScript Tutorial Index
Prevent Resetting Countdown Timer On Page Refresh

Query about JSP
How to Connect Database Through JSP
Exporting to Excel in JSP
Write to Database or Read from Database via Web
How do you pass parameters to a servlet from JSP
Upload Files Using JSP and Servlet
How to Pass Request Parameters
How to Refer Current Page Content in JSP

Design Patterns
Design Patterns in Java
Which Design Pattern Is Suitable

What  is  Java  Arrays
How to declare an array with array size dynamically
Difference Between Stack and Heap
Difference Between a Vector and an Array
Sample Program That Uses  Array
Use A Layout And Arrange Objects
Dynamic Population Dropdownlistbox
Object Arrays and Collections
Collections Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Java Coding Tips
Displaying Months
Converting Numbers to Words
Similarities and Differences Between Java and C++
Calling Stored Procedure
Encode Decode String Using Aes
Static And Dynamic Polymorphism
BufferedReader To Read File Line by Line
Loading An Elements From JAR
Reverse A Singly Linked List
Using The Scanner Class
Hot Key Instead Of Key Listener
Detect That JFrame Is Being Resized
Displaying The Result in Frame
PhantomReference and Finalization
Method Local Inner Class
Add Status Bar Msg In Applet
Concept of Overloading

Java Programming FAQ 
Frequently Asked Questions
Programming Question
Review Questions - For Revisions
Important Questions To Learn
Java, JDBC, Servelts AND JSP FAQs Part I
Run Java Program Database On Another Computer


 Miscellaneous Contents
SAP Basis, ABAP Programming and Other IMG Stuff

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Unix System Administration Hints and Tips

Linux Administration Hints and Tips

Motivation and Inspiration Quotes, Stories

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