A basic SAP Engineering Change Management Setup

To activate "Engineering Change Management", what are the settings that are needed? 

Engineering Change Management is used to track and control all the changes with reference to Material master, BOM, Work Center & Routing. 

This are the basic IMG settings in order to used the engineering change management features.

refers to a tick.

First setup the control data in OS54.

Revision sections

Fields :-

Revision level active            x
Ext. revision level                 x
Higher revision level            x

Object Management Record sections

Fields :-

Object maintenance               x
Assign alternative date          x

Overide value/assignment date sections

Fields :-

Only with leading change mst.    x

Setting the Revision level active is to activate the engineering change management for material master.  If you do not want the engineering change management for materials, remove the tick.

With a tick in "Higher revision level", the new revision level has to be always higher than the old revision.

Secondly, setup the external number range in OS53.
If you use the internal number range, then remove the external number range.

Third, define the status for the change master records in transaction SM30 - V_T419S.

Change No.     Chg        Date Chg     Dist. Lock      Description
Status             Poss

  1                      x               x                   ' '                Active
  2                     ' '               ' '                  ' '                Inactive
  3                     ' '               ' '                  x                 Locked

Fourth, define modification parameters for the BOM in OS27.

Fields :-

BOM Validty Maint.              x
EC Management Active         x
History Requirement             ' '
Unit Piece                            PC

The rest of the fields are blank.
If the History Requirement is tick, every time during creation of the BOM, SAP willprompt your for an ECN number as is compulsory.

Lastly, define fields selection for routing in OP5A.

PP task lists: initial screen -> Change number -> Transaction code -> Tick Req.

Setting the Transaction code fields Required indicate that you have make the ECN number compulsory when changing the routing. 

Finally, do a test by making changes to the Material Master, BOM and Routing. 

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