How to Configure Range Of Coverage Profile

I am trying to configure the range of coverage profile to provide a 6 months safety stock, in which the 'target cov' field should be populated with 180 days, but the that field only accepts 2 characters max. Is there another way of accomplishing this or am I doing something wrong. Please let me know. The current setup is:
-  Period Indicator = M (Month)
-  Type of Period = 1 (Workdays)
-  Range of coverage in the first period:
-  Min = blank;   Target = 90; Max = blank
In this Target value accepts only digit numbers.

Muthu Chinnadurai

Yes the system accepts only two digits.  But since you want stock coverage for 180 days.  Use target as say 60 and the number of periods as 3 . Try it and keep us posted.  But the one other issue is the system calculates the dynamic safety stock.
It easy to calculate the stock for the first period but for the later periods its difficult.  So if later there is a problem with the quantity then its difficult to calculate or cross check what system has proposed.


Using target as 60 and number of periods as 3, only results in system maintaining safety stock for 60 days for first 3 periods. I found out that there is no way out of this. Strange that SAP wouldn't let the companies plan for inventory coverage more than
99 days. This is a pharmaceutical client whose procurement lead times are more than 5 months for some of the materials, where they want to maintain a 6 month coverage and SAP wouldn't allow to achieve it. Am I doing something wrong here. Is there another way of maintaining dynamic safety stock for 180 days requirements coverage? Please share your knowledge.


Please let me know in details how the profile coverage works in SAP.  In details means how it is being calculated and what is being considered.   As I am figuring how I could make use of this function that my customer require us to keep 15 days inventory and customer forecast flucuates drastically every week.

Thanking all in advance for your kind advice and help.


In customizing in MRP calculation menu , you have Range of coverage.  Define the range of coverage you want , as you said 15 days for a period of 3 months.  Then in the profile first fill the Avg. daily req data and then the range of coverage data.
Use this profile in the material master mrp II view(I think), in range of coverage. 
As far as calcualtion are concerned its very to calcualte the Qty for the first period and then for the later periods its difficult.
May be I am wrong, just try and keep us posted.


The Range of Coverage profile is define specific to a plant in IMG and then assigned to materials in master data MRP 2 view. To define the profile, use menu path
IMG->PP->MRP->MRP Calculation->Define Range of Coverage Profile. In the definition, there are two sections of data that you need to fill in.
1. Parameters for calculation of average daily requirements and Period indicator.
2. Minimum, Target, and Maximum stock calculation parameters.

Choose the period indicator as Month, Period, or Week.
Specify the number of periods. This is used by system to calculate the average daily requirements.
Select the "Type of Period Length", ie. as workdays or calendar days or standard days (days per period). If the type of period length is selected as standard days, they you have to specify the "days per period". Using these three parameters, the system calculates average daily requirements using the formula:
average daily requirements = Sum of requirements in the number of periods / number of days in the number of periods.

Then you have to specify how many workdays of supply you want to maintain as target stock, in your case 15 workdays. If you wanted to maintain a constant 15 days of supply as inventory through out the planning horizon, just specify the target stock as 15 days and leave rest of the fields as blank, i.e min, max, and number of periods. The number of periods in this section simply maintains the target stock for that many periods from the date of MRP run. This way you can tell the system to maintain different target stock levels for three different period intervals. For example, if you wanted to maintain 15 days stock for first 3 periods, then specify the target stock as 15 days and number of periods corresponding to it as 3. The system then will maintain 15 days supply as inventory for first 3 periods from the date of MRP run and subsequent months zero inventory will be maintained. This will allow you to maintain your 15 days supply constantly for 3 periods.

Muthu Chinnadurai

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