List Of SAP PS Reports

No.Transaction code    Description
1.   CN42N                    Overview of  Project Definition
2.   CN43N                    Overview of WBS Elements
3.   CN41                       Structure Overview
4.   CN53N                    Overview of Milestones
5.   CN52N                    Components Overview
6.   ME5J                        Purchase requisitions for Project
7.   ME2J                        Purchase Orders for Project
8.   CNMM                    Project Oriented Procurement
9.   CN60                       Display change documents
10. S_ALR_87100185   Actual Costs for Each Month (Current Fiscal Year) 
11. S_ALR_87100186   Planned Costs for Each Month (Current Fiscal Year) 
12. S_ALR_87100187   Commitments for Each Month (Current Fiscal Year) 
13. S_ALR_87013532   Plan/Actual/Variance
14. S_ALR_87013533   Plan/Actual/Commitment/Rem.Plan/Assigned
15. S_ALR_87013534   Plan1/Plan2/Act/Commitment
16. S_ALR_87013537   Commitment Detail 
17. S_ALR_87013542   Actual/Commitment/Total/Plan in Control Area Currency
18. S_ALR_87013557   Budget/Actual/Variance
19. S_ALR_87013558   Budget/Actual/Commitment/Rem Plan/Assigned 
20. S_ALR_87013560   Budget Updates

PS Tcodes

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