How to do Source Inspection in QM

Can any one guide how to do Source Inspection in QM. What are the settings required to be done and can the lot for source inspection be trigerred manually or automatically. 

The Q-Info Record is used to trigger a source inspection lot for a material/vendor and plant. Under the tab key Inspection Control in Q-Info Record, you would find vendor source Inspection and under that select the inspection type desired for source inspection (say 01,0101) and give the lead time required to perform the  inspection in days (say 10 days).  If you do not want to trigger an inspection lot @ GR for a source Inspection lot then check the box (Source Insp. No Gr).

Ensure that the inspection type selected @ source inspection is activated in the Material Master Record for the chosen material in the Quality Management View.

To trigger the lot manually you need to have some open purchase orders for the material/plant/vendor. Go to transaction QI07 and give the material code,vendor,plant and opening period. When you execute the transaction you would find open purchase orders for the given input data. Select the Purchase Order you wish to perform S.I and choose Create Inspection Lot. 

This would trigger the lot and then it is QE01 & QA11.


Two more questions ..

1. Purchase  order for this material (which has to undergo source inspection) will show open order qty until GR is 
    posted for this material.Inspection lot  created thru QI07 is not stock posting relevant i.e. you can not post the 
    quantity to Unrestricted use stock.The procedure you have mentioned allows you to record results but in 
    the UD there is no Stock posting tab thru which you can post the material to Unrestricted use stock. How 
    will you take care regarding posting of this material to Unrestricted stock.
2. Can we have inspection type 01(GR insp for PO) & 0101 (Source Inspection) activated at the same time in the
    Material master record for a material.Have you come across such a scenario.What will be the implication if 
    both the inspection types are activated.


1) Source Inspection(SI): Well, you need to understand the concept and use of Source Inspection.  The inspection lots created using this are not stock relevant as the material is not inward thru GR at the point when these lots are triggered. Hence the UD will not have a stock posting tab and if you want a stock posting tab then it becomes normal inspection (01). Hope you understand the difference, also after results record & UD if you decide not to have a inspection lot triggered @ GR then you need to update it in the Q-Info record. The settings for this scenario are already given below.

2) Inspection type (01,0101) can be activated @ the same time.In addition to this you can have a preferred indicator set for the inspection type you want to be selected when you perform goods receipt.
This check box is available in the inspection type set up in the Material master. If you do not check the preferred inspection type then the variant 01 for lot origins 01 is given preference.

If you want an inspection type 0101 to be triggered @ SI then you need to define this in the Q-Info record.


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