What is Source Inspection 

What is source inspection and what are the setup required to do in system to implement successfully?

A source inspection is a quality inspection in which Buyer required the quality check before the material received. So that he performed the quality inspection at the vendorís Location.

To setup source inspection, you should define inspection type (01 and 0101) in material master QM View. (MM01)

When requesting source inspection, include the following information:

a)  Purchase order number
b)  Item number
c)  Part number
d)  Quantity of parts to be inspected
e)  Date source inspection is required
f)   Types of inspection  required
     - In Process
     - Final
     - Interim
     - First Article Inspection (FAI)
g)  Contact name and phone number

Go to transaction QI07 and give the material code, vendor, plant and opening period. When you execute the transaction you would find open purchase orders for the given input data. Select the Purchase Order you wish to perform Source Inspection and choose Create Inspection Lot. These inspection lot triggers for inspection type 0101. Against this inspection Lot perform result recording QE01 & QA11.

When finally you received Goods at your premises, then inspection lot will triggered automatically (01) and perform result recording QE01 & QA11                                                                                   *-- Ramendra

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