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Listed here are practical and helpful SAP BC Stuff to assist those supporting the SAP Basis Components.  You can find sample interview questions, faq, frequently used administration tcodes and other tips about SAP Basis.  If you have any SAP Basis question, do feel free to raise it in the SAP Basis Discussion Forum.

What is the full form of the word B.A.S.I.S.?

Business Application Systems Integrated Solutions.

Basis Short cut Links
Administration In SAP - Sapgui, Unix, SAP ITS, Router, Client Copy, IDoc and IDES 
Practice Basis with your Home PC
What is MiniSAP?

SAP Basis Certification Exam Questions 
SAP BC Certification - Is It Worth Getting Certified
SAP Basis Certification Sample Questions and Answers

Transaction Codes
Useful SAP System Administration Transactions
Changing the Title of SAP Transaction
Search for SAP Basis Transaction codes
Important Idoc Transaction Codes
Explain What Exactly SM50 Transaction Is
SOX Critical Transaction
APO Basis Transaction Code

Basis Frequently Asked Question
Interview Questions for SAP Basis
SAP Administration Questions Answers
Basis FAQ
Basis Administration Questions Answers
Different Types of Work Processes

What are SAP Notes
Apply OSS Notes On My SAP R/3 System
Manually Applying OSS note on SAP Standard Program
Upgrading SAP Kernel, Hotpatches and Database Startup
Patch Management In SAP Basis
Download SAP Patch Administration
Applying SP4 to Windows 2000 Server
Details Description Of SPAU & SPDD
How to know the kernel version of a SAP R3 system?
Transaction code to pre-compile all system program
Reporting a Problem to SAP
Apply Support Packs To My SAP SYSTEM
How To Revert SNote After Appying It Successfully
SNOTE To Implement SAP Notes
Log On To SAPNet Directly Without Using OSS1

Users Profiles and Password
Steps For Creating SAP User
Different methods to Lock or unlock SAP users
Changing the default password for sap* user
Mass Maintenance of Users Profiles
Program To Mass Reset Users Password
How to delete expired roles?
View and Delete All Single and Composite Role
What are user groups and how can we use them?
Hide the User Menu
Function and Role of User Types and DDIC User
TCode to Compare 2 Roles, to Find Out Duplicate
Parameters Definition and Details
Disallow User From Changing Passwords Through SU01
Default Setting on List when Exporting out of SAP
Issue Regarding SAPJSF User
Find List of Users Logged in to SAP System
Configure the SSO (Single sign on) for Portal
Adding Roles To 100 Users At A Time

Importance Of SM12 Lock Entries
Lock Entries Frequently Asked Questions
Overflowing Of SM21 Lock Table

Transports and Upgrade
Meaning behind those unconditional tp command mode
Transport guide Tips for Different SAP Objects
Transport Request within same Server Different Clients
Upgrade SAP or Installation of SAP R/3 and ECC
Transport of ABAP Query
Guide to upgrade 3.1 to 4.6 with HW upgrade at same time
Restrict The Transport Access In Production
Remove the import all request (big truck) button from STMS
STMS Configuration and Transport Route Configuration
Find transports imported into system by search criteria
Find SAP Transport Request Number Even If You Forgot
Comparing SAP Objects
Comparing two clients
Language Error when logging in after Upgrade to 40B
Information on how the OPS$ Users Work
How To Do the TMS Configuration?
Post Installation Steps For ECC 5.0
Where To Find Deleted Transport Request Logs
The Impact Of Renaming a System
How Do We Transport Standard Text
Information About Transport Requests

Statistics of Application Modules
Statistical Logs for all the R/3 System
Finding the SAP Statistics for transactions and programs
Inactive Users Logs
Incorrect login logs
How to Find How Much Allocated Memory
What the Max Memory a good Program Should Request

Archiving and Reorganization are totally different issues
Archiving a Material Master Record
Deletion of Vendor Consignment Records
Reasons For Archiving Financial Accounting Data
Determining Free Space of Each Table before Archiving
Multiple Choice Questions Answers On Data Archiving

Reference SAP Books on Basis Administration
SAP Basis Certification Questions: Basis 
Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations

SAP Basis Administration for Windows

SAP Performance Optimization Guide , Third Edition

SAP Basis Training Course

System Audit
The Step required to Audit at the User Level
Audit of multiple logons
Security and Authorization Concepts
Audit Report of Any Client
Regarding The Used of USMM Tcode
Security Audit Logs - Intentionally Blocked User
Establishing Company Security Policy

SAP Performance Tuning
SAP Load Balancing/Work Processes Troubleshoot
SAP System Performance Issues
Tuning Summary In Transaction ST02
Troubleshooting SAP Performance Issues
Knowing About Runtime Buffer
Determine The Optimum DIA WP Number

Responsibilities Of SAP Basis Consultant
SAP Administrator Daily Activities
Tcodes used for Daily System Monitoring
Monitor and Administrate 4 SAP Systems
Things To Check When SAP System Down
Brief Description About SAP Basis Implementation
What Are The work responsibility for a BASIS person
Administrator House Keeping Jobs List
Common Abap Dumps And Their Meaning
Pre-Refresh Activities Checklist
Stopping The OS Level Service
Getting Technical Information At The OS Level
Administrator Problems And Solutions

SM13 - How To Check Update Termination Data

Message Class - Amending the System Messages

Solution Manager
What Is The Use of Solution Manager

Test send of doc. from R/3 via fax,  paging or Internet mail
Creating a SAP mail distribution lists
Configuring eMail in Case of Alert
e-Mail The Back Ground Jobs

Whether a System is Unicode or non-Unicode

Bandwidth req. of ISP connect to SAP server through VPN
Which network IP addr.and host name a user has logged on
No System name and transaction code in SM04

Suspend/UnSuspend Released Jobs
What Is The Job Name EU_REORG Meant
Scheduling a New Job in SAP
Deleting Old SM35 Batch Input Sessions

Security Table Names
Reorganization of Single Object
How to Increase the Tablespace free space?
How to activate the IMG Change Log?
Edit, create, delete or adjust your database table
Finding any of the SAP tables that have been changed
Transport Tables between Clients
Copying table entries from client 000
SAP Transaction Table
Tablespace sizes in large databases
SAP SQL Tuning Aid with Oracle RDBMS Statistics
Block Users From Accessing Table
Types Of Buffering In SAP
Explain Table Buffering
Transport Request Relevant Tables

Printing and Fax
Mass Lock All Printers with SPAD
Print to an USB printer from SAP
Parallel printing to all the SAP device printers
How can I print A3 format in SAP
Delete multiple spool request
Auto Convert Spool Output To PDF File
Printing over LAN and WAN
Sending faxes from SAP
Basic Understanding Regarding to Spool
List Of Output Device Type Table
Change Output Device Settings At Runtime
SAP Output Type Trouble Shooting
Print SAP Documents Using Linux
Which Job Generated Which Spool
ALV List Populating Data Statistics In Output
NACH To Find The Modules Output Device
Where Used List For Output Devices
Spool Administration

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