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SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) is SAP´s Data Warehouse solution. It has been specially developed to allow you to gather and analyze all kinds of statistical information in the best possible way. 

The SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) is a core element of SAP BW is an enterprise-wide information hub that enables data analysis from R/3 and other business application, including external data sources such as databases and the Internet. SAP BW also offers easy integration with other mySAP solutions, such as mySAP Supply Chain
Management (mySAP SCM), mySAP Strategic Enterprise Management (mySAP SEM), and mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM).

SAP BW is a comprehensive end-to-end data warehouse solution with optimized structures for reporting and analysis. To help knowledge workers quickly mine an enterprise’s business data, SAP BW is equipped with preconfigured information models and reports, as well as automatic data extraction and loading methods. 

With an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel-based user interface, you can create, format, and analyze reports, and publish those reports to the web. Built for high performance, SAP BW resides on its own dedicated server. Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and reporting activities are therefore separated, and system performance is not compromised.

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Business Warehouse Tcodes
Important Transaction Codes For BW
What Is Standard Transaction Code RSMO
BI Reports for Purchasing in SAP
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BW Jobs
Difference Between BW Technical and Functional
Jobs In Implementation Project of BW Data Architect
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Introduction To SAP Business Warehouse
The Three Layers of SAP BW
Data Warehouse
Business Information Warehouse
Use of manual security profiles with BW
What Is SPRO In BW Project?

Main Advantages of BW 3.0 over 2.1
Data Validation and Data Reconciliation
Compare The R/3 Data with BW
Difference between RSA5 and RSA6

Data Uploading
Data load in BW
Difference in number of data records

Upgrade BI
Upgradation Steps For BW
BW Testing Strategy After ECC Upgrade

BW Tables
SAP R/3 BW Source and SID Table
What is meant by Primary Index and Secondary Index
Types of Update Methods
Deleting the Setup Tables
Difference Between V1 V2 Update
BW Tables By Object Type Introduction

BEX Query Authorizations
Customer Exit Variable In Bex
Pros and Cons of Web against BEX
API Functions Available In BEX
Access Bex Web Analyzer From BW Portal 

BW versus R/3 Reporting
Removing '#' in Analyzer (Report)
How To Convert Base Units To Target Units In BW Repts
Explain About Non Cumulative Key Figures
Where we use Cell Definition in Query Designing
BW Reporting Extracting From CRM
What Are The BW Informational Model

Deltas Not Working for Installation Master Data
What Are Deltas Load

Error in transport
BW ERROR : replicate data from source system
Copy / Transport Process Chains to Test System

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Explanations: Saw Bw Certification Review

Free BW eBook (PDF)
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PDF: Getting BW Functional Specification Flow

Infocube Compression
How to Compress InfoCube Data
Cube to Cube Load
What Is BW Datasource
SAP SD Standard InfoCubes and DataSources
Datasource Change Owner Done By Who
Explain Selection, Hide, Inversion and Field only Known
Load Master Data Hierarchies From R/3 System
Steps For Creating Multi Provider
What Is Real Time Cubes
E-Table vs F-Table
Steps in BI7.0 to Create Cube
List All The Inactive Objects of a Cube
Time Conversion from 0CALDAY to 0FISCPER
Calculating size of CUBE & ODS
RSA7 Delta Repetition
Copy Source Package In Start Routine

The Difference Between Olap and Oltp
Delete Query Buffer In OLAP

Routine and Transfer
What Are Routines and Transfer
Start Routine, Update and Transfer Routine

Business Process Role Design Ideas

Steps To Check In BW Performance Tuning
Huge Performance Problems on SAP BW 3.10
How to build an extractor?
COPA Extraction Steps
The query could not be saved due to problem in transport
ODS infosource not showing up
Query View Workbook
Stop a scheduled infopacket
Delete unwanted Objects in QA system
Differences Among Query, Workbook and View
What Is SEM and BPS
How To Definine a New Restricted Key Figure
How Do You Schedule V3 Run In SAP R/3
Step by Step Procedure for LIS Extraction
Rules for Efficient Aggregates
The Way To Use Return Table
LO Cockpit Step By Step
Basic LO Extraction for SAP R3 BW
What is RDA
RFC Connection on The BW Side
Explain About BW Statistics
Use of Match or Copy in Business Content

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