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What is SAP PM?

The R/3 Plant Maintenance (PM) application component provides you with a comprehensive software solution for all maintenance activities that are performed within a company. The uniform, graphical user interface is particularly user-friendly and quickly meets with acceptance, thanks to the numerous possibilities that are available for tailoring it to meet individual requirements.

The data and functions of all maintenance procedures performed within a company can be fully interconnected.

The openness of the R/3 System enables you to use external systems that are integrated with the PM component, such as geographical information systems (GIS), computer-aided design (CAD) systems and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

mySAP Certification - Criteria
My SAP PM Certification Experience
SAP Plant Maintenance Certification

SAP PM Transaction Codes
Tcodes used for SAP Plant Maintenance
SPRO Configurations Transaction Codes
SAP IP30 Transaction and When To Use IP30
Warranty Management Relevant Transaction Codes
Creating Counters in SAP PM

Reports in PM
Plant Maintenance Std Report List
Standard PM Reports Available List

Plant Maintenance Tables
Main SAP Plant Maintenance Tables Link Flow
Transparent Table relate with PM module
Transparent tables for WCM
Equipment Hierarchy Installed Under Functional Location
Table To Link Equipment And Class

Define Your Plant Sections

Equipment Master
What Is Equipment Master
Creating Equipment In SAP PM
Maintain Equipment Category
Before customizing Master Data in Plant Maint and Cust Serv.
PM - Material Master Vs. Equipment Master
PM Equipment FAQ
Show Equipments Characteristics in a List
Scenario of Rotating Equipment
Attach a Drawing To Equipment Master Data
Difference Between The Control Keys PM02 PM03
Configure Setting for Maintaining Default Calculation in Order Operation
Equipment Installation on Functional Location
User Exit To Modify IE05
Sample List of Failure / Damage Code
Check for Partner on Equipment Master (IE01)
Partner Function And Partner Determination Procedure
Test Equipments Certificates For This Equipment
Changing Equipment Maintenance Plants
Serial Number History Currency For Equipment Master
Serial Number Management
Maintenance History of Multiple Equipments
Serial Number History Error
Technical Object And Catalog Profile
Define Types of Technical Objects
Equipment Master Change Wrong Valid From Date
Usage History Update And Define History Related Fields
Class In SAP PM To Capture Specifications Of Technical Objects

Component Allocation in Task List
Work Center and Cost Center in PM
Operation Split In SAP PM
Delete Or Archive Work Centers
Order Functional Location and Equipment on Operations
Copy Functional Location To Another

PM Order
Control the PM Order Type
Work Order Cost Control
Impact on Business if PM Order Not Settled
In PM how to Return Material Backflushed
Change Maintenance Strategy in General Task List
User Status Set Date in Maintenance order
Role Of Position And Priority In User Statuses
What is User Status in an Order and What is it Use For
SAP to best handle Repeat Maintenance Jobs
Stop Complete Confirmation (IW41) before (IW32)
Difference Between TECO and Business Completion
TECO Set Deletion Flag Into The Service PR
Settlement Rule In Maintenance Order
PM Users Not To Change Value In Settlement Receiver
Integration Between PM, QM and PP in SAP
SAP PM Integration With Other Modules
Control Maintenance Budget in PM
PM Orders and Change Documents
Complete Help To Implement Maintenance Cost Approval
How To Remove Tasklist Data Completely
Functional location and Equipment in Calibration Order
Viewing Documents in Planned Order
Permit with The Controls of Order Release Refuse
Permit Functionality
Revoke Status NCMP Status In PM order
PM Order Created Automatically
Define Documentation for Goods Movement For Order

The Steps Regarding Refurbishment Order
Use Of Refurbishment Order

Steps To Follow In Creating Master Warranty
Pass On And Inherit Warranty
The Use Of Warranty Claim

Change The Staus Profile In The Notification
Maintenance Notifications Order Link
PM - SM notifications
Change Notification Type That Was Created
Check Deletion Authorization Object of Notifications
Action Box In Service Notification
How To Know The Notification Status Process
Define Response And Service Profile

SAP PM Books
Plant Maintenance with SAP

SAP PM Interview Questions, Answers, And Explanations: Sap Plant Maintenance Certification Review

Maximize Your Plant Maintenance with SAP

SAP SM Books
Inter-Organizational Cooperation With
Sap Systems: Perspectives on Logistics
and Service Management (Sap Excellence)

Free PM eBook Download 
How To Delete Functional Location
PDF: Quick SAP PM Tcodes Reference

SAP Frequently Asked Questions
What is SAP Plant Maintenance
Plant Maintenance Process Flow
Effective SAP PM Implementation
Deadline Monitoring for Maintenance Plans
Plant Maintenance Customer Service Module
Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Self-Test Questions
Turn Off Automatic Purchase Requisition Creation
Pre-Checks For Plant Maintenance Configuration

SAP PM Questions and Answers
Explain Functional Location
SAP PM Questions Answers on Functional Locations
Functional Locations Self-Training Questions
Scheduling function in SAP
Definition and Formula for PM terms
Plant Maintenance Assembly
Track New Plant Machine Installed at Customer Site
Questions Answers on PM Equipment
Plant Maint Q and A - Reporting and Analyses
SAP PM Support Problem Solution
SAP Maintenance Order Questions And Answers
Difference Between Functional And Location
SAP PM Questions And Answers
Notes For Answering These PM Questions #1
Notes For Answering These PM Questions #2

What Is Preventive Maintenance
Maintenance Planning Questions and Answers
Work Center Capacity In Graphical Form
Create Planner Group
Maintain Maintenance Planning Plant
How To See The Material for Preventive Maintenance
Maintenance Process Self-Knowledge Testing
Define Currency for Maintenance Statistics

Measuring Point
Measuring Points Questions in SAP PM
Difference Reverse and Tables of Measuring Point and Counter
Recording Measuring Docs. Against Work Orders
Change Characteristic in Measuring Point
Define Measuring Points, Counters and Measurement Documents

How To Delete a Measuring Point Permanently
How to Delete The PM Data Completely
Mass Delete Of Current Maintenance Plans

Work Clearance Management
Work Clearance Management Process

PM ABAP Related
Post Measurement Documents To Notification

Service Management
What Is SAP Service Management
PM (Service Management) Geographical Work Centres
SM Revenue and Non Revenue Combination Orders
Service Management Functionalities For Equipment Procurement
Meaning Of Service Contract
How To Create A Service Contract
Service Maintenance Order Not Completely Maintained In Plant
DIP Profile Material Direct and Individual
How to Create Activity type and Assign to Cost Center
Solving Inconsistence Status In Service Order
Cost Flow Of Maintenance Orders
Difference Between Service Order and Repair Order
Define Object Information Keys

Authorisation Objects In SAP PM
Create PM Authorization Keys For User Status Authorization

PM Inventory Posting
Plant Maintenance Reservations
Deletion and control of materials Reservations (PM order)

SM ABAP Related
Changed Service Order Status Upon Service Confirmation

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