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The contents here are practical and helpful SAP SD module stuff to assist those supporting the SAP Sales and Distribution Module.  You can find samples of interviews questions, answers and faq as well as many other tips for the SAP SD module.  If you have any SAP Sales and Distribution questions, please feel free to raise it in the SAP SD forum.

The Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) application component fulfills many of the international requirements that supports the sales and distribution activities with functions such as pricing and conditions, customer order processing, delivery monitoring, billing, credit and risk management.

Logistics Execution

SAP Certification Exam
My SAP SD Certification Experience
Sample Questions and Answers SAP SD Exam

SAP SD Questions and Answers
SD Questions on Corporate Structure
Short SAP SD Questions 1
Short SAP SD Questions 2
Short SAP SD Questions 3
Sales Order Management Multiple Choice Self-Review Questions
Enterprise Structure SAP SD Review Questions

Training SAP SD To Start Teaching Career

Interview Questions
Important Tips for Interview for SAP SD
SAP SD Interview Questions
Interview Question and Answers on SAP SD
Some SAP SD Interview Questions 1
Some SAP SD Interview Questions 2

Tcodes in SAP SD Module
SAP SD Transaction codes List
Task Specifc SD Transaction Codes 1
Task Specifc SD Transaction Codes 2
SAP SD TCodes For India
Credit Management Tcode
Standard SAP SD Reports

Important Tables for SAP SD
Table S709 Checking Missing Data

SD Frequently Asked Question
What is SAP SD Module
Describe The Components Of SAP SD Module
Sales and Distribution FAQ
Link Between SAP SD, MM & FI
Why Do We Assign Division to Sales Organisation
How To Do Master Record Mass Maintenance
Serial Number Management In SAP SD
Sales Office Address, Change and Assignment
Understand Copy Requirements in Std System
SD Consultant Year End Activities
Impact On SD Specific For Company Code Merge

Sales Order
How To Create Sales Order
Duplicate customer purchase order
Default First Date is not Today
Sales Order Confirm Quantity Date
Auto proposed all the dates when creating Sales Order
Define Material used at which Sales and Distri. Process
Assign a Cost Center manually in a SO (VBAK-KOSTL)
Transfer of Requirements
What Do You Mean By Transfer of requirements
Define Tax Determination Rules
Taxation Explain with an example
Link Sales Order with Contract
Sales Order Mass Change
Release strategy for Sales order
Consignment Sales Process in SAP
Issue free goods to selected Customers
Supressing Fields in Sale Order
Disable Edit Of Sales Order Using Status Profile
Some Light on Batch Determination
Automatic Batch Determination Trouble Shooting
Diff. between Item Proposal and Material Determination
Functionality Of Material Determination
Steps for SD Variant Configuration
Number Ranges In Sales Order
What is Debit note and Credit note
Explain What Is Credit and Debit Memo
Configure Intercompany Stock Transport Order
Inter Company Sales Process
Normal Sales Order Cycle Configuration
Default Storage Location In Sales Order
Explain The Meaning Of An Open Sales Order
Sold To Party In Sales Order Screen
Profit Center Default In Sales Order
Check Whether The Entries Is Maintain in LIS Update or Not
3PL Purchase Order Link To Sales Order
What is the Foreign trade data required in SO for doing Exports
Material To Be Added or Excluded To a Customer
Sales Order Number Blank In MD04
Default Sales Order Header Text Keep Displaying
Set Default Text While Creating Sales Quotation
Repair Wrong Sales Quotation Status
Procedure To Do Incompletion Log
Material Listing and Exclusion Functionality
Language Picked For Material Description
The Flow Of Return Sales Order
SD Quote To Cash Process
Exchange Rate Fields In Sales Order
VOV8 Sales Document Type Description of Fields
Correction Report For Sales Order

SAP SD: Scheduling Agreement Vs Contract
Sales Agreements and Sales Contracts
Contract, Pipeline, Third-Party, Subcontract, Consignment

How to do rebate processing
Rebate Process with Ref. to SO
What Are Rebate Agreements
Rebates Process In Sales and Distribution

Partner Functions
Partner Determination For Sales Doc
Setup Partner Determination Procedure

Sales and Distribution BOM
Sales BOM Implementation
How to Know that Sales BOM is working or not?
What Is BOM Referring to SAP SD
Pricing Customization For Sales BOM
Differences Between Sales BOM and Production BOM

Third Party Sales
Process Flow for 3rd Party Sales
Cross Selling : How To Configure
An Example Of Third Party Sales

Sales Information System
What Is Sales Information System
Difference/Similarities between LIS and SIS
Update Rules for Info Structures

Availability Check
Availability Check on Quotation
SD material Determination based on availability check
Creating Multiple Materials in Material Determination
Backward and Forward Scheduling
Configuring Availability Check Through Checking Groups
Back Order Processing Using CO06 and V_V2
See The Scope of ATP Check
About This Program SDV03V02 or V_V2
Different types of Availability Check

SAP Sales and Distribution Book
Implementing SAP ERP Sales & Distribution

SAP SD Interview Questions, Answers,
and Explanations

Retail Information Systems Based on SAP Products

...more SAP SD Books

SAP SD eBook
SAP Sales Order Processing Overview

A Step by Step Guide to 
SAP SD Sales Order Processing Configurations

Free SD Download (PDF) 
Download: Plain Variant Configuration
Download: Sales Process Flow Chart
PDF: SAP Integration Model: MM PP SD FI
PDF: VF11 Cancel Billing To Past Date

Difference between Condition Type
Accumulate the amt of cond. types in accting document
Hiding Price Condition Types on a Sales Document
Creating New Pricing Procedure
What is alt cal type & alt base value & Req field in Pricing
Re-pricing in a Quotation
Quantity Based Discounts in Bulk Quantities Sales
Determine sales price with shipping point
Pricing date based on Deliv. date, Sales Ord, Billing
Report to Check the Entered Pricing Condition Price
Mass Update of condition pricing
Material Master Price as Sales Price Automatically
Customer discounts on effort only
Steps to Create Commission for Agent
SD Questions About Pricing Condition
Add a Field To New Condition Table in Pricing
Header Condition and Group Condition
Steps Involved In Condition Technique
Sales Order Freight Condition In Header Condition
How To Use Condition Exclusion Type In SO
Pricing Report & Condition Index
What Is Condition Base Value
Rounding Off Condition Not Appearing In Sales Order
How To Create Field in KOMP, KOMG
How System Chooses Between KOFI Or KOFK
Condition And Alternative Formula
Document Pricing Procedure to Order types and Billing types
Condition Record Exists (removed manually)

Billing cannot be Release to Accounting
Default Start Variant for VF04
Cond. Exclusion will be determined in the billing doc.
Steps creating new or changing existing Billing Doc Typ
Billing Block will not worked if you did not assign it
Billing Plan for Milestone Billing
Billing Plan Function and Processing
Combine Billing for deliveries with different date
Billing Spilt by Item Category
Max. No. of items in FI reached Msg no. F5 727
Prepaid process possible
Restricting Number Of Items In Billing Doc
Missing Billing Documents Number Range
Document Not Relevant For Billing
Procedure To Cancel Billing Documents
Schedule VF04 For Individual Billing Run
Explain The Concept of Resource Related Billing
Cancelled Billing Document Has No Accounting Document
Retro Billing And Self-Billing
Exchange Rate Billing Documents
Difference Between Pro-Forma And Billing Doc
Cancel Reverse Invoice List - VF26

Credit Management
Credit Management Reports For Customer Review
How To Do Configuration For Credit Management
MRP block for Credit limit attained Customers
Credit Mgmt Dynamic checking
Sales value field not getting updated after creating billing
Diff Between Simple and Automatic Credit Check Types
Set Up for Credit Card Payment Processing
Dunning Process In Credit Management
Differences Between Credit Management VS Dunning
What Is Credit Exposure
Differences between VKM1 and VKM3
Status Of Sales Order Again Credit Block
Sales Order Not Block For Credit Management
Differences In V.23 and V23
Sales Order Credit Block To Allowed Confirmed Quantity

SAP SD CIN Configuration

Customer Master Interview Questions
Return material From customer
Customer Returns and Replacement Orders
Customer Wants To Take The Order Back
Usage Of Customer Pricing Group
Returned More Items Than The Return Order
Maintain Customer Group 1 In Customer Master
Define Attributes For Customer

Customizing Customer Hierarchy in SD
Basic SD Questions On Product Hierarchies
How To Configure Product Hierarchy

Product Allocation
Implement the Product Allocation Functionality

Bonus Buy Determination Customizing

Sending a billing document by e-mail
Customizing picking output
Program for Sales Order by Customer, Date, Sales
How To Maintain Output Types in SD
Printing Block For Credit Block SO
RSNAST00 How To Used For Output Type
NACH To Find The Modules Output Device

Account Payable
Settlement Downpayment with Installment payment Term

Customized SD Module ABAP Reports
Upload Condition Pricing
Sales Order Changed History Display
User Exits on Sales and Distribution
Customer User Exit For Billing
Statistical Values KOWRR Customer Exit Control
Program To Close All Open Partial Sales Quotation

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