Interview Question and Answers on SAP SD

1.What are the responsibilities of a functional consultant in an implementation project?

a) Responsibilities in implemention project 

- Preparing the functional specification documents.
- Review and approval of functional specifications.
- Designing a road map and setting approval from client.
- Changing existing configuration whenever needed.
- Setting up configuration for new enhancements.
- Handling basic issues of MM module.

b)Responsibilities in support project

- Handling customization, configuration, and enhancement related issues 
- Handling tickets on Day to Day basis
- Monitoring S&D reports on daily basis required by clients
- Preparing functional specification documents 
- Preparing end user training Documents 

2.What are the responsibilities of a technical consultant in an implementation project?

Preparation of techinical specifications, getting apporvals from functional consultant and PM,assitance to functioal consultant.

3.What are the main and sub modules in SAP?


4.What is ERP and SAP?and why inplementing SAP in an organization? Explain the special features of SAP over other

SAP is an ERP package.  SAP can be fit it any language.  It is used to get exact data with a fraction of section which will be use fully for management to take correct decision in a short span of time.  Using of sap means there is no need to maintain the
middle management in the organization because the CEO of the company is able to direct the executives direcltly with the system.  SAP is able to integrate all functional organizational units togethere and retrieve exact data needed by management. Therefore, investing on middle management will become less. and the user will be able to acess instance reports using the logistic informaion systems in SAP.

5.Explain the business flow of an implementation project?

- Project prepration
- Business blue prints
- Fit gap analysis
- Realization
- Golive
- Support

6.Explain breifly about your role in current/previous project? (If you have one)

Team member

7.Explain your functional experience prior to SAP?

For this yo will give explanation depends of your previous experience.

8.Can you explain the modern technologies in SAP?  Do you use this in your current project?

I think the ans is APO, BW, CRM, if its wrong pls guide me any body.

9.Explain the terms "AS IS" and "FIT GAP ANALYSIS"?

Business blue print stage is called as is process.  Fit gap means, before implementing the SAP all the business data is in the form of documents, we cannot keep this data as is in the SAP.  There should be a gap.  So by filling this gap, we make configuration with the help of these documents.  This is called as fit gap analysis.  In this stage, we should analysis the gap between as is and is as process

10.What are the responsibilities of "CORE TEAM" and "FUNCTIONAL TEAM" in an implementation?

Core Team are the power users who are selected for the SAP implementation.  The Functional Team gather the initial implementation requirement from these core team users who will be the bridge between the SAP Functional Team and their department users with the expert work knowledge.

Tips by : Uday Hyderabad

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