Issue free goods to selected Customers

Client wants to issue free goods to selected customers after the said customer buys a specified quantity of a good during the festive season starting 02 December to mid January. for example customer A buys 34 cartons of Corn Ice-cream, we offer him 12 free corns. this should then reflect as cost in our accounts. the rest of the system is already up and running and should not be inconvinienced. How do I set it up? 

1.Run trans. VBN2 to first create master record for free goods as follows:

Enter following information in selection screen:
- Free goods type: NA00
- Sales org, distribution channel, customer # and execute.

Now in next screen create the record as follows:
- First select the exclusive button and verify that you are in exclusive view. 
  (that is if you want exclusive)
- Material#, Min qty - Say 34 cartons. (check in what units you want to manage)
  From: 34 cartons
  unit of measure: 
  Free goods: 12 Pcs
  Unit of measure: Pcs
  Calcualtion type: 1 or try the other options
  Deliver control: Blank or any of the other options suitable to you.

Now save and exit.

Now run VA01 for 34 cartons and press enter. The system will automatically propose the free goods 

item at no additional charge. Try higher order qtys and see if the free goods qty are scaling up. 

If not adjust the calculation parameters in the master record screen

It should be transaction VBN1. Sorry for the error. 
VBN2 is to change the record. VBN1 creates it.

Kris J

If you want to give free goods to some of the customers than

1. create a customer group say 99 for FREE GOODS

In Free Goods Menu:
2. add a feild catalog for CUSTOMER GROUP
3. create a condition table (free goods) say 555 only for customer group
4. create a sequence say FREE with condition table 555
5. create a condition type say FREE with
6. maintain pricing procedure say ZFREE with condition type FREE

Now assign:
7. Active Free goods Determination or Assign with your sales organisation this procedure ZFREE
8. Create free goods determination with transaction code /nvbn1 for FREE with Key Csuomer Group 

99 for exclusive

Give customer Group say 99 and from 34 to 34 free 12

Sandeep budhraja

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