Define Special Movement Indicator In WM

The special movement indicator divides materials of the same feature characteristics into groups. Using this indicator it is possible to allocate different movement types in WM to a movement type in IM. 

Take note that if this indicator is entered manually on the initial screens of the goods movements in Materials Management (WMS parameter), the indicators from the material masters are ignored.

IMG Path:

SPOR -> Logistics Execution -> Warehouse Management -> Master Data -> Material -> Define Special Movement Indicator

Transaction Code:  SPRO/SM30

Table/View:  T306/V_T306


WhN - Number that identifies a complex, physical warehouse structure within the Warehouse Management system.

Special Mvnt Ind. - This indicator is used to separate special posting procedures for Materials Management documents from the standard processing method. You can enter it manually for each goods movement in the Materials Management system. The system uses it to determine the movement type in the Warehouse Management system. In this way, different movement types in the Warehouse Management system as well as different interim storage types can be assigned to one movement type in the Inventory Management system.

Description - Short text for the special movement indicator.

Default settings

In the standard SAP WMS, examples are preset for warehouse numbers 001 and 002.

Steps for consultant:

1) Classify your company materials according to certain criteria (for example, bulky materials, extremely heavy materials, and so on).
2) Create your special movement indicators with the corresponding description.
3) Allocate special movement indicators to the materials in the material master data.

Test Your Knowledge:

Some kinds of material; for example, certain fluids are not suited to interim storage in a goods receipt area. They are taken directly to the destination storage bin when they arrive (for example, in a road tanker). In this case, the goods receipt posting in the Inventory Management should not trigger the creation of transfer requirement. How can we set this?

a) Special Material Indicator
b) Bin putaway indicator
c) Special movement indicator
d) Special Storage indicator

Scroll down below for Answer


The main purpose of using the warehouse management special movement indicator is to deal with selected materials differently from the majority of materials during putaway, stock removal, or stock transfer. However, you can also set the indicator independently of the material for individual Inventory Management posting activities to control the process flow in the warehouse in a special way.

Special treatment scenarios could include: for example, transfer order creation or putaway in a particular storage type. The indicator is always used to allow exceptions to the rule without having to enter the details manually.

The SAP system steers a certain material toward its own goods receipt area during a goods receipt posting for a purchase order. With the help of the special movement indicator, which you either store in the material master record or enter during the goods receipt posting, the system determines a different Warehouse Management movement type than the one defined for the standard process. The movement type for this special processing is assigned to a different interim storage area than the standard movement type.

The special movement indicator can also cause immediate transfer order creation for certain materials or for individual activities. To do this, you add an entry with the special movement indicator in the table linking the reference movement type and the Warehouse Management movement. There is a description of this procedure later in the lesson.

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