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We have one bulk st.type 101 with capacity check table t337b, which means every bin has the max qty based on the specified material. For my understanding the Capacity check method should choose 3:Check based on maximum quantity per bin in storage type. but someone argues that it could leave blank (means no capacity check) and it seems no problem actually. why??
Also, we defined SUT as the piling height, e.g. 4 layers. so I think we should tick SUT check active. but it still seem no problem if blank. 

Capacity check is activated in strategies B, I, and F during additions to existing stock even when you don't check the activate capacity check and set a method. When you follow any other strategy for bulk SU managed storage type, it is recommended to set capacity check with method. If you don't set this, If the system cannot use the bin found, the bin search ends with an error message. If the capacity check is active, the check is integrated in the bin search. 

The bin search process, therefore, cannot end with the error message regarding insufficient capacity. If the bulk storage type is SU managed, I would recommend you to use capacity check method 5: Usage Check Based on SUT instead of 3 because bin capacity alone is not sufficient check for SU managed storage types. 

It seems no problem even when you don't activate capacity check due to above reason. But when there is a problem, system cannot proceed further for identification of an alternative and throw an error.

Is it possible to define storage bin in SLOC in the framework of inventory management without lean WM and WM? 
Requirement is to have the spares maintained at bin level, system should ask for bin entry at the time of goods receipt and issues and the stock reports can be seen at bin level.

There is a Storage bin field in material master (Plant view 1 MARD-LGPBE) which is text field and independent field. This field can be used for reporting purpose i.e. stock overview. However it will not work same as WM bin functionalities means system will not suggest bin for put away or picking.

Without using WM/Lean WM you cannot maintain your inventory at bin level.

Can we find storage bin while doing delivery, If we have Warehouse Configured in our system?

Yes.... you may see the ware house details in the delivery.

Go to the delivery --> Item --> Picking tab --> Warehouse. You can see the Warehouse Number, Storage bin, Storage type, Plant ...etc.

Can you explain how to create storage bin?

Spro -> logistics general -> Warehouse management -> Master data -> storage bins -> define storage bin structure
- Define storage bin structure
- Double click that structure
- Environment Tab -> Create bins -> Inside that there is one option called "Create storage bins online"

Based on the structure you defined number of storage bins created.

In addition, you need to have details about storage bin type for creation of storage bin.

When you create storage bin automatically have the template, structure, starting value, Ending value, increment value for the bins. With all these details only then you can create bins automatically.

For creating Storage bin :

- LS01N - Through manually.

- LS10  - Automatically through background job.

- LX20  - Storage bin for interim storage area.

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