Warehouse Management Configuration in SAP Checklist

The following checklist will help you in configuring the warehouse management:

WM configuration steps Checking 

1. Define, copy, delete, check Warehouse Number (SPRO)

2. Assign Warehouse Number To Plant / Storage Location (SPRO)

3. Defining Control Parameters For Warehouse Number (SPRO)

4. Define Number Ranges (OMLW) 

5. Define Storage Type (SPRO) 

6. Define Storage Sections (SPRO) 

7. Define Storage Bin Types (SPRO) 

8. Define Blocking Reasons (SPRO) 

9. Define Storage Bin Structure (LS10) 

10. Define Storage Type Indicators (SPRO) 

11. Define Storage Unit Types (SPRO) 

12. Define Storage Section Indicators (SPRO) 

13. Activate Storage Type Search (OMLY) 
      - Access Optimization Storage Type Search

14. Activate Storage Section Search  (OMLZ) 

15. Activate Storage Bin Type Search (OMM1) 

16. Define Sort Sequence for Putaways (Cross-line Stock Putaway) (OMLM) 

17. Define Sort Sequence for Stock Removal (Picking) (SPRO) 

18. Define Requirement Types (OMNF) 

19. Define Shipment Types (SPRO) 

20. Define Movement Types (SPRO)

21. Confirmation (OMLX) 

22. Define Print Control (OMLV) 

23. Define Default Values (SPRO) 

24. Define Types per Storage Type (OMNK) 

25. Define Differences and Document Limits (SPRO)

26. Clear Differences (Interface to Inventory Management) (SPRO) 

27. Maintain Number Ranges (OMMB) 

28. Activate Storage Unit Management per Warehouse Number (SPRO) 

29. Activate Warehouse Activity Monitor Objects (SPRO) 

30. Define Critical Parameters (SPRO) 

31. Define Variant for "Object Overview" Program (OML1) 

32. Define Variants for Selection Programs (OML2 & OML7) 

33. Define Movement Types (Interfaces) (OMLR) 


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