Test Yourself With These SAP Workflow Quiz #4

The following are a list of SAP WF questions to review what you know.

1) Delegation is needed only in Business Objects and not in Classes used in workflow.
a. True
b. False
2) What is the maximum key length (in characters) in a Business Object?
a. 32
b. 128
c. 70
d. 86
3) What is the maximum key length (in characters) in a Workflow Class?
a. 32
b. 128
c. 70
d. 86
4) One of the following options is NOT a valid way of triggering an event.  Can you spot it?
a. Trigger event via Change Documents
b. Trigger event via Status management
c. Trigger event via Message Type
d. Trigger event via SWEL
e. Trigger event via ABAP Report / Code
5) What is incorrect about the AGENT terminology definition?
a. Agent is an executor of a work item
b. Agent is determined by the system either through organizational chart or directly if user is assigned as agent for a particular task
c. A background task needs explicit agent assignment to be carried out
d. Ad-Hoc Agent assignment is possible in workflow
6) It is not possible to call another workflow from the current workflow.
a. True
b. False
7) What are the Three Layers in Workflow Architecture?
a. Business Object, Method, Standard Task
b. Event Container, Workflow Container, Method Container
c. Business Object, Business Process, Organization Model
d. Workflow Template, Organization Model, Standard Task
8) What is "Binding" in workflow terminology?
a. This is a process of locking and binding the workflow template against instantiation
b. Binding means issuing an Editor Lock so that only one user who created the workflow can edit it
c. Binding is the process of transferring data at runtime between the Event, Workflow, Task and Method containers
d. None of the above
9) The consistency check of a workflow template can only be carried out via the workflow builder (SWDD).
a. True
b. False
10) How do we setup Extended Notification (like external notification to Outlook) in workflow?
a. Run transaction SWN_NOTIFY
b. Configure SCOT to enable sending external e-mails (SAP Connect)
c. Run transaction SWNCONFIG or schedule report RSWUWFML2
d. Both (b) and (c)
e. None of the above

Correct Answers

1) a
2) c
3) a
4) d
5) c
6) b
7) d
Business Process is defined in Workflow Builder, Business Object is defined in BOR or Classes where the ABAP Code is written and People / Group of people responsible for taking actions are defined in organization structure (AGENTS).
8) c
9) b
Workflow Template consistency can also be checked via transaction SWU7.
10) d

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