SAP Administrator Daily Activities


1] Check that all the application servers are up:
 sm51           SAP Servers
 sm04/al08    Logon Users

2] Check that daily backup are executed without errors
 db12 Backup logs: overview

3] SAP standard background jobs are running successfully. Review for cancelled and critical jobs.
 sm37 Background jobs--- Check for successful completion  of jobs. Enter * in user-id field and verify that all critical successful jobs and review any cancelled jobs.

4] Operating system Monitoring

5] Extents monitoring
 db02 Database monitoring--Check for max-extents reached

6] Check work-processes(started from sm51)
 sm50 Process overview-- All work processes with a running  or waiting status.

7] Check system log
 sm21 System log-- Set date and time to before the last log  review. Check for errors ,warning, security, message-bends,   database events.

8] Review workload statistics
 st03 Workload analysis of <sid>
 sto2 tune summary instance

9] Look for any failed updates
 sm13 update records

10] check for old locks
 sm12 lock entry list

11] Check for spool problems
 sp01 spool request screen-- check for spool that are in  request for over an hour.

12] Review and resolve dumps
 st22 ABAP Dump analysis

13] Checking .trc file in SAP trace directory for block corruption on daily basis.

14] Archive backup
 brarchive -f force -cds -c
 Insert the archive backup tape

15] Review NT system logs for problem
 -> NT system log- look 4 errors or failures
 -> NT security log- failed logon 2 sap servers
 -> NT Application log -look 4 errors or failures        *-- Vijay Mehta

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