The Difference Between Olap and Oltp

What is the difference between Olap and Oltp?

Online transactional processing (OLTP) is designed to efficiently process high volumes of transactions, instantly recording business events (such as a sales invoice payment) and reflecting changes as they occur.

Online analytical processing (OLAP) is designed for analysis and decision support, allowing exploration of often hidden relationships in large amounts of data by providing unlimited views of multiple relationships at any cross-section of defined business dimensions.

OLTP databases are typically input sources for data warehouses or data marts. The data warehouse in turn is the typical source of data for an OLAP database. The value in an OLAP database is that many complex calculations and predefined queries are preprocessed and results are stored and are available via an OLAP exploitation application allowing quick access to cross-sections of business data. Rapid access to the aggregate information across defined business dimensions allows quick navigation and understanding of relationships.

The challenge is to find a solution that will both supply the necessary functionality while addressing the technical considerations of your organization. Some other important considerations include choosing technologies that can leverage existing investments in both hardware and software, and are open and integrated so that your applications are adaptable. This ensures flexibility and agility to meet future business demands.

There are several different modeling techniques. Snowflake and star schemas are just two of many choices. Deciding the best approach for your situation will depend on several factors, most importantly understanding the business issue, the users and their information needs. There is a wealth of information available, including courses, texts and guidelines on this subject alone

OLAP systems organize data in a multidimensional model that is suitable for decision support. OLAP is the analytical counterpart of OLTP, or Online Transactional Processing. SAP's BW is an OLAP system

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