Journal Entry Vs Journal Voucher

What is the difference between Journal Entry and Journal Voucher?  Explain briefly? 


Journal Voucher is a draft which needs to be approved before it is posted to the General Ledger - bottom line is it does not affect General Ledger dollars until it is approved and posted.

Journal Entry is a real live document which updates the General Ledger dollars as soon as it is created.

Journal Entry is the final Account Posting and Journal Voucher is just a Save as draft in which Journal Entries are saved as draft.

When you post Journal Entries from Journal Voucher it gets finalize for accounting.

Basically, a clerk will create a Journal Voucher where they believe the dollars should be posted to specific GL Accounts. At this point no dollars are posted to GL. Then a supervisor or manager goes in to review the Journal Vouchers which were created and either approves those vouchers so they become Journal Entries and, therefore, post the actual dollars - OR - the supervisor can change the Journal Voucher with different accounts/amounts - OR - the supervisor can delete the Journal Voucher and have a new one created by the clerk.

The whole reason for the Journal Voucher is to give some control to the process so the dollars which are posted are accurate. Think of it basically as a double check to make sure things are going correctly.

Now having said that, SAP B1 creates Journal Entries automatically when a document is created - for example, posting dollars to Business Partner and Sales GL Account when an AR Invoice is created. There are many Journal Entries created by SAP B1 in this way.

If you encoded directly in Journal Entry, the entry is automatically posted in the General Ledger. On the other hand, if you encoded in the Journal Voucher, which consists of one or more journal entries, the entries will not be posted to GL not unless the Journal Voucher is approved.

You may use the Journal Voucher to group similar journal entries. 

To get all journal entries posted:

Usually we pass journal entry vide SA document type.

- Go to FB03 and enter company code and year and click document list.
- Enter Fiscal year and Document type as SA ( You can enter other document type as well if you need)
- Execute
- You get all SA documents
- Go to Change layout and select username / session / transaction etc., and other fields and move it to left and save

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