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Practical and helpful SAP FI related Stuff to assist those supporting the SAP Financial Accounting Modules.  There are also sample questions and answers, interview questions, faq, importable tables on the SAP FICO module.  If you have any SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling question, please feel free to raise it in the SAP FI/CO Forum.

The Financial Accounting (FI) application component fulfills all the international requirements that must be met by the financial accounting department of an organization.  All accounting-relevant transactions made in Logistics (LO) or Human Resources (HR) components are posted real-time to Financial Accounting by means of automatic account determination. This data can also be passed on to Controlling (CO).

This ensures that logistical goods movements (such as goods receipts and goods issues) are exactly reflected in the value-based updates in accounting.

SAP Certification Exam
SAP FI/CO Certification Sample Questions and Answers
SAP FI Tips For Passing Certification

FICO Sample Questions
FI/CO Interview Questions
SAF FI Technical Interview Questions 1
SAF FI Technical Interview Questions 2
SAP FICO Interview Questions
SAP FI/CO Sample Questions and Answers 1
SAP FI/CO Sample Questions and Answers 2
FI Errors and Probable Solutions
Accounts Receivable Questions
Chart of Accounts And Organizational Structure Review Questions
ERP Financial Accounting Self Knowledge Testing
Financial Accounting Document Control Questions and Answers

SAP Financial Modules TC
Some Important Tcodes for FI GL AR AP Asset
SAP FI Transaction Code List 1
SAP FI Transaction Code List 2
Useful Reports Tcode in SAP Financial Accounting
The Financial Statement Closing Tcodes
Profit and Loss Closing Tcodes
Controlling Transaction Codes List 1
Controlling Transaction Codes List 2
What The Tcode To Design Report In KE30
Steps For Using Trx F103 and F104
Comparison FAGLL03 FBL3N FBL5N
Use Of Transaction Code F110 And F111
VA88 CJ88 No Versions For WIP RA
Default Values for FI posting FB50
FD11 Is For Analysis Of Customers
Credit Management Tcode

Important Tables in SAP FI
Important Tables in SAP CO
Important Tables in SAP AA
MIRO Tables - Invoice Document Data

Account Posting
Inventory Accounting Entries
Sales and Distribution Accounting Entries
Vendor Invoice Verification Accounting Entries
Reversal Entry In Accounting
What Are The Posting Keys For AP, AR & GL
Transfer of Balance of Vendor Customer and Ledger
IMG Transaction code OBYC Integration
OBYC Different transaction like BSX, GBB
Journal Entry Vs Journal Voucher

Clear Off Duplicate House Banks In System
Explain House Bank And Bank Key
Banking Transaction Financial Accounting Entries
The Steps For Interest Calculation of Bank
Customizing an Electronic Bank Reconciliation Statement
What Is Bank Sub Account

FI Frequently Asked Question
SAP Financial Accounting Overview
SAF FI Frequently Asked Questions 1
SAF FI Frequently Asked Questions 2
Questionnaire with Answers for SAP FI
Questions and Answers for SAP Financial
Integration of FICO with Other Modules
Cutover Strategy In SAP FICO
Explain About Correspondence

Open and Close Posting Periods
Allowed OB52 based on company code
Variants in OB52 to use Multiple Time Zones
Is There an Automatic Program for MMPV
How To Undo The Process of MMPV
Check List for FI Year End Closing
Setup FI Fiscal Year Period
Fiscal Year Varient & Posting Periods Varient
Check Current Fiscal Period Year In FI Module

General Ledger
SAP Chart of Account
Cost Elements not created for General Ledger Accounts
What is GL At Company Level and Chart of Accounts
Change Reconciliation Account of Customer Master
How to Configure FICO Reconciliation
Explain Reconciliation Between FI Books & CO Books
Document flow confusion in SAP FI
What is "Real Time" Integration?
Configuration for Special Purpose Ledger
What is Hold and Parking of Document?
Difference between Posting Key and Field Status Variant
Various Postings To The GL Account Postings
What is Debit note and Credit note
Sample Account Assignment in G/L Account
Configuration Steps For Preparation of GL A/C
The Procedure For FI Bad Debt Configuration
Configure Provision For Bad and Doubtful Debts
What Is New General Ledger Accounting
Document Splitting Feature Available in New General Ledger
Unplanned and Plan Delivery Costs In Stock and G/L Account
Difference Between Open Item And Open Item Management
G/L Open Item Management
Details of General Ledger Account & Its Groups
Changes In Parked And Other FI Documents
Editing G/L Account Master Records Individually
Define Account Group
General Ledger Account Review Questions and Answers

Account Receivable
Various Steps To Configure Dunning
Settings Required For Dunning
Differences Between Accounting and Dunning Clerk
Create The Dunning And Accounting Clerk

Account Payable
Configure the Data Medium Exchange for making payments
Set the baseline date=Invoice date
FB50, FB60, No document number was display
MIRO No FI document after upgrading to 4.6x
Different Between Posting, Clear and Payment
Vendors not used within a specified period
Vendor Master Questions Self Test
Delink Cheque Payment from Payment Document
Setting Up Manual & Automatic Payment Program
Steps of Automatic Payment Program
FI Questions about GR/IR
Configure Automatic Clearing of GR/IR
Recurring Entry & Sample Doc
Update Trading Partner Field for Posted Documents
Change Trading Partner In FB02
Process Of Letter o Credit for Imports
Bills Of Exchange Concept In AP
Recurring Documents and Interest Calculation
How To Make a Residual Payment To a Vendor
To Avoid Transfer Posting of the Same Vendor Invoice
Significance of One Time Vendor
Settings To Post To a Particular Vendor
Mass Void Those Wrongly Issued Check
Term Of Payment SRC1 is Missing
OBA3 Define Tolerances (Vendors)
Overview Of All Payment Runs
Automatic Payment Program Self Evaluation Questions

Down Payment
How Down Payments Are Configured
The Down Payment Process Steps
Down Payment Made and Received

SAP Financial Accounting/Controlling Book
Configuring SAP ERP Financials and Controlling

SAP FICO Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations

Configuring SAP R/3 FI/CO

SAP Controlling Reference Book
Production Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling

Controlling-Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) with SAP

... more SAP FICO Books

Free FI Download (PDF) 
Download: Deleting No.range of Particular Company
Download: Bank Reconciliation Configuration
Download: Define Business Places
PDF: SAP Integration Model: MM PP SD FI
PDF: GL AR AP Process Flow Chart

Asset Accounting
What Is Chart Of Depreciation
Tcodes for Configuring Assets Accounting
Assets and Liabilities Closing Tcodes
Assets Opening And Closing Balance
Posting to Cost Center and Internal Order
Process Fixed Asset Depreciation
Asset Year-end Closing
Asset Reverse Year-end closing
Post Capitaliz.(asset not posted in closed fiscal year)
Mass Change For Assets and Data Reset
Asset Master Data Upload
Retire Asset with or without Revenue
Mass Asset Retirement or Disposal
How To Configuration in Asset Accounting in FI
Processing Mass Changes Using a Worklist
Periodic Asset Postings - ASKB
New Depreciation Area In Asset Master Data
Asset History And Asset History Sheet
Capitalization AUC Investment Measure To Asset
Configuration Settings Inter Company Asset Transfer
Stop Depreciation For Some Fixed Asset
Asset Accounting Business Questions for Implementation
Asset Accounting Questionnaire During Requirement Gathering
Asset Acquisition Questionnaire For Business Users
Asset Accounting Questions For SAP FI Consultant

Company/Business Area
Why and When to use Business Area
Fastest way to create a company code
What is Valuation Area and Valuation Class
What Is Valuation Class, Movement Types, Transactions Key
Inter-company Clearing with Customer / Vendor Posting Keys
Company Code Not Assigned to Country
Report to see Business Area with Cost Center
Head Office And Branch Office Grouping
OBY6 Global Parameter for Company Code

Exchange Rate / Currency
Setting Currencies Tcodes By SAP FI
Entering Exchange Rate
Change in Company Code Currency
Explain The Difference In Currency
Currency Decimals Default and Places in SAPr3
How To Set Multiple Currencies For Company Code or Group
Real Time Foreign Currency Revaluation
Financials In Parallel Currency
Set Countries Decimals Place

Error Message
FI Document: List of Update Terminations

Profit Accounting
CO-PA Transfer of Incoming Sales Orders

Diff. between Withholding Taxes & Extended Taxes
Change in Tax
What is Central Value-added Tax and how it is configured
FTXP - Create a Tax Code

Data Entry
Entering Invoice Receipts for PO
Various Accounts Used In Invoice Verification

FI Related Reports
Using 1099 MISC Reporting

Controlling Module
SAP Controlling Overview
Simple Overview of Product Costing
Difference between Cost Centers and Internal Orders
Populating Transaction Type during Order Settlement
What is Production Order Settlement
How does one Deactivate a Cost Center
Requires an Assignment to a CO Object
Difference Between Primary and Secondary Cost Element
SAP Controlling FAQ
Cost Component Split In FICO
What is Activity Type and Statistical Key Figure
Cost of Production Accounting Logic
Re-run Released Cost Estimate For Material
Usage and Purpose Of Using KALC
Wastage Scrap Treatment On CO-PC
Steps And Uses Of Product Costing
Checklist For An Error Less Costing Run
Standard Cost Transfer Control ID
Flow Of FI Data Direct To COPA
WIP Variance and Order Settlement Functionally
Maintaining Versions in Controlling
Maintain Controlling Area

Lock Box
Using the Lock Box Files in SAP FI
The Flow Of Lock Box Processing
Lock Box Configuration
Lock Box Setting

Report Painter
Report Painter And Report Writer
Report Painter, How to reverse +/- signs
Library for Report Painter/Writer
Rept Painter, changing the tables assigned to libraries
Report Painter, Relationship with Rept Grps & Repts

SAP FI Functional Consultant Responsibilities

Reasons For Archiving Financial Accounting Data

ABAP Customized FI Report
Vendor Ageing Report to Calculate the Outstanding Days
Link Between Accounting With Material Number

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