Reports Involved in Payroll

What are the reports involved in payroll?

Kindly note down the some of the reports used in payroll 

1) You can use report RPCSC000 (Scheduler for Parallel Accounting) to split the personnel numbers into small sets and run payroll in parallel in the background. In this way you reduce the payroll runtime. 

2) To create payroll jobs call the Scheduling of Payroll Jobs report (RPCPRC10) using this function.

3) Rreport RPCDTBX0 (Preliminary Data Medium Exchange Program for Separate Payment Run) has to be created for a preliminary document for a wage types 

4) Use Report RPUCTP00 (Generation of Payroll Periods) to generate the payroll periods for every period parameter that you have assigned to a payroll area

5) Check the payroll results for an employee using the report Displaying the Payroll Results H99_DISPLAY_PAYRESULT). You can use this report to display the contents of all tables in which the system has saved data for the employee's payroll result.

6) RPDLGA20  report generates a list of the wage types available for a selected country.             *-- Somasekhar 


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