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The mySAP HR module enables companies to effectively manage information about the people in their organization. It is integrated with other SAP modules and external systems. From the Organization Management perspective, companies can model a business hierarchy, the relationships of employees to various business units and the reporting structure among employees. The Personnel Administration (PA) sub module helps employers to track employee master data, work schedules, salary and benefits information. The Personnel Development (PD) functionality focuses on employees' skills, qualifications and career plans. Finally, the Time Evaluation and Payroll sub modules process attendance and absences, gross salary and tax calculations, and payments to employees and third party vendors.

SAP Certification Exam
mySAP Certification - Criteria
Sample Question in Human Resources
My SAP HR Certification Experience

HR Frequently Asked Question
SAP HR Module | SAP Human Resource Overview
Roles & Responsibilities of Testing Manager
More SAP Human Resource Interviews
Real Interview Questions On SAP HR
Human Resource Interview Questions
SAP HR Interview Questions
SAP Human Resources Frequently Asked Question
Questions and Answers for SAP HR
SAP Organizational Management Q and A
Organization Management Self Evaluation Questions #1
Organization Management Self Evaluation Questions #2
General SAP Human Resource Questions
How to Start 'AS IS' Statement?
What Is ESS and MSS?
Integration of SD and HR
Qualified and Unqualified Advance Payments
Explain Significance of TARIF , SUMME and PRZNT
Concurrent Employment vs. Global Employment
Mapping Of HR Life Cycle
Flow of Human Resources Process Cycle
Questions For SAP HR Support Consultant
Multiple Choice Questions On Human Capital Management
Time Management Evaluation Questions And Answers

Transaction Code
SAP HR Transaction Codes
Find out transaction codes used for HR
Any Idea about Tcode OOOS
Task Specific SAP HR Tcodes
Explanation Of LSO Transaction Codes

Finding the list of HR module Tables
Table Names for Creating Basic Pay Infotype
Where The Payroll Data Is Stored
Internal Tables in Time Management

Time Management
Time Management Queries
Details About Time Types
IMG Steps Invovled In Time Management
Explain About Time Constraints Class
What is Positive & Negative Time Recording
Time Evaluation Report Customer Exit
Counting Rule Does Not Exist
What Is Time Management Status

Personnel Management
Structures in Human Resources
How Many Structures In HR
Personnel Management
Personnel Areas/SubAreas
Employee Areas/SubAreas
Configure Personnel Subarea In SAP HR
PA Personnel Administration Tables
Assignment of Personnel Area to Company Code
Assign employee subgroup to employee group
What Are Employee Group and Sub Group
Hiring/Maintaing a new employee
Number Range for Personnel Numbers
Personnel number check
Personnel Area Change for Certain Employees
How To Configure Personnel Actions
Additional Action Is Not Working
Actions Replacing The Previous Action
What Are Dynamic Action
Employment Status In PA40 and PA30 Screen
How Employee Attributes Are Classified
Medical Statistics and Medical Certificate
IMG Steps To Configure Benefit Part I
IMG Steps To Configure Benefit Part II
What Is Qualification Block
Leave Entitlement And Absence Quota Differences
Contents Of Appraisal Catalog
Display P0001-ENAME In IT0002 Header
About Benefit Termination Rule
Enable IT 1005 Pay Grade Tab
Delegation Of HR Authority
Probation In Personnel Action
Maintain HR Master ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY Dump
Define Contract Types - Employee Contract Categories
Settings For The Infotype Addresses 0006
Employee Qualifications and Education

What is Payroll Area
Payroll Accounting
Posting The Payroll Results To FICO
One payroll for two month
Day types
Sunday not being considered as a regular working day
Question on Payroll Journal Report for Print Forma
Creating Customer Specific Functions for HR Payroll
General Idea About UK, US, Indian Payroll
What Is The Difference Between PCR and CAP
Explanation on Deduction Rules
Configuration In Generation Of Absence Quota
BSI Communication Failure During Payroll Run
Holiday Calendar Setup For HR In ECC 6
Employee Holiday Calendar ID Assignment
Payroll Questions and Help Required
Procedure To Design Payslip
Short Overview of SAP Payroll
Hold Loan Deduction for a Specific Period
Do The Loan Employee Configuration
Subsequent Process Of Off-Cycle Process
Doing Bi-Monthly Payroll Run
Documenting HR Rules And Schemas
Counting Class And Counting Rules
Different Types of Pay Scale
Annual Increment In Payroll
Configuring Compensatory Off
What is Compensation Management
Data Medium Exchange Cancelling Transfers

SAP Reference Books on Human Resources
Mysap HR Interview Questions, Answers, and
Explanations: SAP HR Certification Review

mySAP HR: Technical Principles
and Programming (2nd Edition)

Mastering HR Management with SAP

Free HR eBook (PDF)
Download Ebook SAP HR PA Infotypes
Download Payroll Year End Checklist

Personnel Administration
Change of Employee Position
Deleting personnel numbers
Processing Class, Cumulation Class  & Evaluation Class
Linking Employee Photos using SAP Archive Link
How to Upload Employee Photo
Change The Entry Date Of An Employee
How To Update The Work Schedule Data
Explain What Are Matrix Structures
Recruitment and Joining Formalities
Changing E-Recruiting Logon Screen
What is E-recruitment in SAP HR
Meaning Of MSN20, MSN21 and MSN32
Should Users Create Position Code
Organizational Key

Wage Types
Some Wage Type Questions
How Do You Identify a Different Wage Types
Useful Info on Wage Type Characteristics
What is Wage Type Permissibility
Standard Wage Types That Are Used

Training and Event Management
TEM - Deleting Bus. Events after Historically Recording

HR infotypes Tracking Changes
Logged changes in infotype data
HR: v4.0b - Table PCL4

HR Authorizaton
Main HR Authorization Object for Security
Reporting on Infotypes limited by security
Structural Authorization vs Role Authorization
Retrieving Infotype Auth For Particular User
Authorization Questions For SAP Human Resource

Standard Reports
Reports For Recruitment, Perl Dev And Compensation Mgt
Reports For Travel Management And Reporting Tools
Reports For Organizational Management
Get List Of Vacant Positions
Reports For Time Management
Reports For Training and Event Management
List Of All Info Types Maintained For Employee

HR ABAP Reports
Reports Involved in Payroll
Report RHINTE00 for Integration between OM and PA
Program read payroll results using GET PAYROLL
HR report from Cummulate results table
Getting description of RFC method arguments
List of Emp. who Completed Certain Yrs of Service
Sample HR Reports - Allocate Petrol Allowance
T-Codes For Generating Reports In HR Module
What The Differences Between ABAP and HR-ABAP
How Standard Report RPUTRBK0 Works
Module To Return Head Of Organisation Unit
Sort Employees As Positioned In OM Structure
HR Report To See Description Per Qualification
Types Of Report Required In Payroll
RHCOPL00 To Copy Whole Data From Active Plan

HR Sapscripts
How to add a logo into HR sapscripts?

Info Type
What Is Infotype
Config of One InfoType 0000
How to create a HR infotype?
How to Create Infoset Query
Infotypes Used In Processing Of Wagetypes In US
USA Country Specific Infotypes
Explain The infotype Communication (0105)
Custom Infotype Creation
Configure Infotype 0416 in PA70
Delete Cost Distribution Data Infotype 1018
Add Infotype Using Infogroup Modifier
Concept Of Vacancy Infotype 1007

Functional Specs For Some Payroll Report
HR Functional Specification Example

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