An Example Of Third Party Sales

2 companies are created in system - India & Singapore Customer places sales order for particular material on Singapore.  Singapore is not able to produce the same. They pass on the order to India for processing.  After processing India ships the material directly to the customer along with necessary documentation.  Invoice copy is passed on to Singapore.  Final Commercial Invoice will be raised by Singapore.  How can the above scenario handled? 

By: Balaji

You can do this using third party sales.
The third party sales process is as under.
1) Singapore company creates an order for the singapore customer.
2) Because of the configuration settings of the sales document type, item category & schedule line category, as soon as the order is saved a PR (purchase requisition) is automatically generated. This is converted into PO (purchase order) and sent to the indan company.
3) Indian company supplies the material directly to the singapore customer.
4) Indian company sends the invoice to the singapore company.
5) Singapore company does the invoice verification in MM using tcode MIRO.
6) Singapore company raises the invoice to the singapore customer.
In standard SAP, item category TAS is used for this. The schedule line category is CS. Here you can see a field 'order type' with value 'NB'. This triggers the automatic creation of the PR.
Plus in the material master also you need to do certain settings.

1) If you are always following a third party process for a material then you have to create the material using item category group BANS. The procurement type should be marked as external procurement (F) in MRP 2 view of the material master record.
2) If you are not always allowing third party order processing then you can create a material master record with item category group as NORM and the procurement type should be marked as (X) meaning both types of procurement (in house manufacturing and external procurement).
In the item category the billing relevance should be 'F'.

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