Customer Consignment Stock In SAP PGR Failed

Real Support Issue

User was trying to PGR a customer consignment outbound delivery into previous month and it failed.

Deficit of CustomerSt. unr.prev 1 BAG : SUXX.XXXX.99290044 SXX0 S170303005 W

Message No. M7021

Shortfall below the specified stock level or quantity amounting to 1 BAG.

System Response
If the message is an error message (E), the above is not allowed.
If the message is a warning message (W), the system will allow your input, but the warning is intended to prevent you entering a wrong quantity.

In the case of a warning message, check the quantity entered.
In the case of an error message, change the quantity or terminate processing.

The abbreviations in the short text of this message can have the following values:
BA = batch
OR = order
PL = plant
PR = previous period
PU = purchasing document
RE = reservation
SL = storage location
VC = consignment stock from vendor in storage location

In addition, the short text may contain the following special stock indicators:
E = Open order quantity
K = Vendor consignment
M = Vendor returnable transport packaging
O = Vendor subcontracting component
P = Pipeline material
Q = project stock
V = Customer returnable packaging
W = Customer consignment
Y = Warehouse shipping unit

The first thing to check is the customer consignment stock table
MSKU - Special Stocks with Customer
Look at these two fields because the Outbound Delivery Actual GI Date cannot be before the current customer consignment stock period.  If it is before the current period, the SAP system will prompt you the above message.
MSKU-LFGJA - Fiscal Year of Current Period
MSKU-LFMON - Current period (posting period)


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