How System Chooses Between KOFI Or KOFK

Describe how the system chooses KOFI or KOFK when both are maintained in VKOA. In other words, I have the entry set up for both conditions, however sometimes it chooses KOFI and sometimes KOFK depending on the billing type, but I don't see the setting on the billing type that controls this.
Account determination procedure for all is KOFI00 but within this it somehow determines whether to use kofi or kofk - how?
In the standard SAP, SAP provided 2 condition types for SD module.
1. KOFI - If the using company code is not activated for Product Costing, this condition type will be used for revenue account determination.
2. KOFK - If the using company code is activated for Product Costing, PA, then this condition type will be used for revenue account determination in the financial accounting as well as controlling.
The difference between KOFI and KOFK is
KOFI -- Account determination without CO
KOFK -- Account determination with CO
You can control through Routine, which you can placed in Requirement Column of the account determination procedure.
Routine 2 - With CO acct.assignt
Routine 3 - Without CO acct.assignt
If you have both whenever the costing related transfer system will take KOFK, if there is no costing related transfer system will take KOFI
KOFI is used for the Make to Stock Scenario
KOFK is used for the Make to Order Scenario.
The Controlling is activated from the Requirement Class.  This Requirement Class is linked to the Requirement type which you will find in the Procurement tab in the Sales Order.
The Requirement Type is linked with the Strategy which you maintain in the Material Master (MRP 3) 
Basically it is triggered because in the MTO scenario we are directly linked with the PP module. And PP module is linked with Controlling (Cost centers, etc)
The main difference is the separation between Finance part (KOFI) and Controlling (KOFK) part. 
When posting is necessary within FI or CO, system will take settings as defined in the system with regard to the entries for KOFI/KOFK. 
When KOFK is involved it posts both in FI and CO , wherein CO Objects are involved in CO postings. When KOFI is involved, the posting only happens to FI not CO.
If you maintain the CO objects in the sales order, system will choose KOFK to do the further processing.
EX. internal order no from CO.
The key why the KOFK is determined is in:
Sales and Distribution-->Basic Functions-->Account Assignment/Costing-->Maintain Requirements Classes For Costing/Account Assignment
There is in standard for 039 Service item which I'm using setting Account Assignment Category E (Customer indiv. reqt).
I removed this value with a blank, and everything works with KOFI!!!

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