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Listed here are practical and helpful SAP APO Stuff to assist those supporting the SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer Modules.  If you have any SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer questions, please feel free to raise it in the SAP APO Forum.

What is APO in SAP?
SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer is a component of the mySAP Supply Chain Management solution that you use for planning and optimizing supply chain processes at a strategic, tactical, and operational planning level.

- With APO - Simultaneous Material & Capacity Planning is possible, as against R/3 PP
- APO Planning is capable of taking all the constraints into consideration with Planning for Capacities/Scheduling
- APO Resource (workcenter in R/3) does a Capacity availability check before scheduling an activity, if capacity is not available, it finds the immediate next available slot & schedules the activity there. This is not possible with R/3.

Introduction To SAP APO

SAP APO Contents
How can we do data scrubbing?
Safety stock calculation
R/3 & APO-DP integration
Key figure, storing data at higher levels
Part number strategy
PP/DS Heuristic Question
Why Supply Chain Model required?
PPM Transfer
Data load into APO-DP planning book from Excel
The Concept Of Aggregates In APO
APO Forecast Transfer To ECC 6
What Are The Process Steps in SNP
APO Newly Designed Process In Comparison With R/3

Restrict GATP Check At Storage Location
Meaning Definition Of GATP

Transaction Codes
GATP T-codes Useful For APO Consultant
APO Basis Transaction Code
Useful List Of APO Transaction Codes
Demand Planning And Forecast Consumption APO Transaction Codes

Interview Questions
APO Interview Questions Answers

Duties Of Integration Consultant In SAP APO

No Planner Transferred to APO
Creation of Planning Area in APO
CTM Planned Orders Consolidation
PP/DS Planned Order From APO To ECC
Releasing the Demand Plan to SNP
SNP, Demand, Transportation And Production Planner

Deletion of CVCs Records
Deletion of Alerts in SAP APO

Reference Books for SAP APO
SAP APO Interview Questions, Answers, and 
Explanations: SAP APO Certification Review

The SAP APO Knowledge Book - Supply and Demand Planning

... more SAP APO Books

Schedule Job
To Trigger The Start of an APO Job

How To Find Relevant APO Tables

SAP APO Frequently Asked Questions

Master Data
Changes To Product Master SCM
Deleting Material Master in APO
How The Data is Stored in Live Cache
Holiday Factory Calendar Time Stream For Planning APO
Scenario on How The Data Flows in APO

Standard Reports in APO

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