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There are many Free ABAP Programming Goodies Stuff with examples and samples codes listed here.  It also contains many Questions and Answers that Abapers frequently asked.  ABAP is the official language used by SAP to write its application modules.  If you have any ABAP questions, please feel free to raise your ABAP queries in the ABAP forum. 

ABAP Short cut Links
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Practice ABAP on your Home PC
What is MiniSAP?

The Future Career of Abapers
Will ABAP be Obsolete? Will JAVA Replace ABAP?
Sample Layout Of A Request To Develop Report

System Fields
System Fields for Current Date and Time
Background Processing System Fields
Internal Tables in ABAP

ABAP Enhancement
Reporting Tree in ABAP
List Box in ABAP Report
Example Code For Drill Down Report
Table Strips in ABAP Reports
A demo program to create subscreen in ABAP Program
Tree type report in ABAP
Recursion with Loop Checking in SAP
ABAP Clipboard Utilities for Beautiful Commented Code
Create Push Buttons in Application Tool Bar

User Exits
A Short Tutorial on User Exits
What is User Exits and Customer Exits?
What is the difference between SMOD and CMOD?
Field exits (SMOD/CMOD) Questions and Answers
Finding the user-exits of a SAP transaction code
Difference Between BADI and User Exits
List Of User Exit Related to VL01N
Display Active Exits in a ABAP System
Steps To Implement User Exit CONFPM05
User Exits on Sales and Distribution
SAP QM User Exits

Applications Related
Number Range Generation
Extract the smtp email address
Multiple Email Address For Single Vendor
Samples PP Reports
Samples SD Reports
Samples MM Reports
How to Get the Version Value When I Print the PO
Changed Service Order Status Upon Service Confirmation
Program To Close All Open Partial Sales Quotation

Sample FI Reports
Vendor Ageing Report to Calculate the Outstanding Days

Basis Related
ABAP retrieve statistical data from the STAT file
How to Lock and Unlock Users
Execute startrfc to Call a Function Module
SAP RFC Calls From To PLC

Run or Display ABAP Report over the web
Inserting Website Links in ABAP
How to Write Web Reports in SAP

Dialog/Interactive Program
Common used of Dialog Screen for Display, Change, Delete
Scrolling in Table Control
A Sample Hide & Get Cursor in Interactive Programming
Change the Input Fields Dynamically in a Screen
SY-UCOMM and OK_CODE in Dialog Program
Splash Screen in ABAP
Attach a Search Help to the Screen Field
Blocking Searchhelp and Create New Searchhelp
Elementary Collective Search Help
Pass The Search Help To a Table

Spool Requests
Display Spool Output Greater than 255 characters
Prevent printing or downloading report output
Change Default Spool Request Title

Macro to validate Date
Macro in ABAP

Visual Basic
VBA macro code for access SAP, and run one RFC
VB To Connect and Get Data From RFC

Doubt in Unicode Enabling
Explain Unicode-enabled ABAP program

SAP Query
What Is SAP Queries
Steps For Using Query SQ01, SQ02, SQ03 - Part 1
Steps For Using Query SQ01, SQ02, SQ03 - Part 2
Frequent Asked Questions on SAP Query SQ01
Query To Extract PO Specific Condition Type
Material Master Changes List Using SAP Query
Query To Find Batch Master Classification View

Type and Uses of Lock Objects in SAP
Difference Between Lock Mode E And X
What is Conversion Programs
How to call one report to another
Events Related to Reporting
Regarding Runtime creation of Check Boxes
Finding out a projection views
GUIxt queries? & Need help with BADIs
Disabling the Modification Assistant
How to change the Development Class
ABAP Fine Tuning
Difference between Drilldown report and Interactive report
Checking User Authorizations in your ABAP Program
Estimate Guidelines for ABAP programs
What The Differences Between ABAP and HR-ABAP
Program Structure Important for ABAP Freshers
Deleting Abap Report Protected Variant
Abap Statements To Be Avoided
Rescue Obsolete Variants

Be a Certified ABAP Programmer
SAP ABAP Certification Review

ABAP Programming: A Guide to the Certification Course

Visual Basic, Java and ABAP Programming
Reference Books
Foundations of Java for ABAP Programmers

Professional Visual Basic SAP R/3 Programming

Free ABAP eBook Download
MM, SD, FI, PS, PP, PM, HR, Infotypes, Sys Tables
- The Table Realtionships between the different modules
Download ABAP Tips - Call Transaction
Download Abap Development Cycle

Transaction Codes
Helpful SAP Tcodes ABAP related

Download data to MS access 97/2000

Select Statement
Usage of 'for all entries' in Select Statement
What's purpose using Package Size in select statement
Performance tuning for Data Selection Statement
Improve Performance Of Abap Program
Several nested INNER JOIN can be inefficient
How to give dynamic table name in select statement?
Select statement with inner join is taking forever
Diff. b/w Select Single and Select UpTo One Rows
Protect Selection/Parameters
How to used 3 tables for inner joins?
Inner Join retrieve Matl Val Class pointing to which GL
Difference Between Select-Options & Ranges
Different Types of Selection Screens
Sample Code For Selection Screen Output
SQL Tool for ABAP Yes4SQL
What Is Inner and Left Outer Join
What Is Parallel Cursor Concept
Secondary Index in Select Queries

Add Edit Delete Entry In SE11 Database Table
Coding To Delete Record from Z-Table
Steps to Creating domains, Data Elements, Tables
The Different Types of SAP Tables
Difference between a check table and a value table
Design of secondary database index and logical DB
How to get the field descriptions of a table?
What is use of using HASHED TABLE?
How to create a Dynamic Internal Table or Array?
Which Table is the Developer Key Stored in
Output Table Fields to a List
Trace when a variant of a report was created
Create a table maintance program for a z table
Difference between extract and collect statements
Different Types of Internal Tables and Their Usage
What is the Different Types and Usage of Views
Easy Way To Remember Table In SAP
With Header & Without Header Internal Table
What Is The Purpose of Giving OCCURS 0
Data Fetching With Internal Table
The Concept Of Foreign Key
Compound, Constant and Adapted Foreign Keys
Find Out Foreign Keys Of A Table
Display All the Columns of any Table Work Area
Difference between Work Area and Header Line
How Loop Works in Internal Tables
Difference Between Internal Table and a Work Area
Table CDHDR and CDPOS Usage

Check Length and Alpha Numeric Variable

Difference Between SAP and ABAP Memory

Make used of OLE to create a new Excel File

Passing data
Split String into two parts at delimiter
String Handling in ABAP - Removing Unwanted Char
What is the utility of SPLIT statement
Passing data from one program to another
How to find out Total No of Pages of a Report Output
Difference Between Changing And Using
String Command

Submit ABAP report with SQL traces
Testing and Debugging ABAP Codes, Functions
Difference Between Error and Exception

Color and Fonts
Different Color in ABAP
Fonts with ABAP

How To Get The Records from the XML File

Mass Idoc Change Corrections

How to delete an editor lock
Protect part of ABAP code from modifying
Program to Hide ABAP's Source Code and Protects it
Mass update the User Parameter Value
Creating new program via ABAP
Program to Test Line Selection & Scrolling within Document
Making a Java Editor in ABAP and compiling it
What Is The Interface Concept

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