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The contents for this site are practical and helpful SAP MM Stuff to assist those supporting the SAP Material Management Modules.  If you have any queries on SAP MM, do feel free to raise your queries in the SAP MM Forum. 

Material Management covers the functionality required to purchase goods and services, manage inventory, and inspect incoming materials. The Purchasing function includes creation of requisitions, requisition approval, purchase order generation, and receipt of goods and services. Inventory Management includes issuing and transferring inventory, inventory restocking, and the inventory count and adjustment processes.

SAP Certification Exam
mySAP Certification - Criteria
Sample Questions Answers for SAP MM Exams
SAP MM Self Test Questions
General Test of SAP MM Knowledge
SAP Material Management MCQ
My SAP MM Certification Experience

MM Tcodes
List of SAP MM Transaction codes
Important SAP MM Tcodes 1
Important SAP MM Tcodes 2
IMG MM Transaction Codes Organizational Structures
Transaction Code For Stock Transport Order
Purchasing Related IMG and General Tcodes
Usage Of Tcode ML85

MM Tables
IMG Change Logs and can ACCT Tables be Deleted
Common Tables used by SAP MM
All The Tables In SAP MM Purchasing
What Are The Standard Tables Used For Material Ledger
Rebate Management Tables Used

SAP MM Questions and Answers
Interview Questions on SAP MM
SAP Material Management Interview Questions
Possible Topics For MM Interview Preparation
SAP MM Support Problem Solution
Initial Basic Steps In MM Configuration

What Is SAP MM Module
Material Management Requirements Gathering Questionaire
Overview Of SAP MM Implementation Project
Common SAP MM Questions
What Is The DataFlow Of MM?
User Exit That Is Applied In MM Area
Type of Data Upload at Time of Final Preparation Stage
Typical Procurement Cycle For Service Or Material
MM Consultant Year End Activities

Price Control V or S in material type
Allowing Negative stocks
Split Valuation for Materials
Changing The Valuation Class
Material Master Price Change MR21
How To See MAP Of a Material On a Past Date

Logistics General : Material Master
Explanation For Creating Material Master Record
Diff. Between Client , Purchasing Org , Plant , Company cd
Maintain relation between Alternatives Materials
Maintain user default settings when creating Material Master
Controlling the Fields in Material Master
Control the Output Format of your Material Numbers
Define whether Material be used at which business process
Control the Number Range Intervals for Material Master
One Storage Location for Two Different Plant
Delete storage location in material master
Displaying Material Flag of Deletion
Create same Material Code in Different Company Codes
Changing the Material Valuation Types
Change Base Unit of Measure in MM
Material Master Unit of Measure
How To Do Master Record Mass Maintenance
Mass Change Material Group In Materials Master
MM Configuration Tips
Safety Stock Calculation in SAP
Procedures for copying One Plant to Another
Adding Views in Material Master
Defining New View For Material Master
Classification view Of Material Master
Material Master Reorder Point Safety Stock Messages
Trans MM50 Guide to Extend Materials
How To Define Valuation Class for NLAG
New Currency In Material Master
Process of Manufacturer Part Profile
Consumption Value Material Master Additional Tab
Modify Standard Search Help For Field MATNR
Data For User Department Does Not Exist
Copy KMAT Material Profiles Class Assignments
Accounting 2 Tab LIFO FIFO Relevant
Key Challenges Implementing Material Master

Movement Type
Movement Type and GL Account Determination
Movement Error - Posting Only Possible Between
SAP Inventory Management Movement Type 1
SAP Inventory Management Movement Type 2
SAP Inventory Management Movement Type 3
How To Create a New Material Movement Type
What Is MIGO 543 Movement

Material Blocking
Block or Delete Any Material From Material Master
Unblock Material That was Blocked
MM60 Block Material Price In List

Batch and Self Life
SAP Batch Handling
Config Setting In Batch Management
Batch Shelf Life Questions and Answers
LIFO and FIFO In Batch Management
How To Delete Batch Classification
The Shelf Life Material Expiry Date
Difference Between Min Rem And Total Shelf Life
After Shelf Life Expiration Date
Removing Batch Management From Material
Batch Material Stored As Small Letter
Automatic Batch Determination Trouble Shooting

Logistics Information System
Wrong figures in LIS - Logistics Information System
MC.9 Correction and Comparison With GL Accounts
List of standard Reports in MM
Info Update Flag In Purchase Order
Update Inconsistent PO Data Report S716

Changing Vendor on Purchase Order
One Time Vendors
Vendor Evaluation
Vendor Master Questions Self Test
Sub Contracting Cycle
Subcontracting - Key Points
What Is Subsequent Adjustment In Process Of Subcontracting
Procedure for Setting Partner Functions
What Is Outline and Scheduling Agreement
What is Vendor Consignment?
Multiple Currency Quotation or Invoice From Vendor
How To Get The Vendor Master List
What Is Quota Arrangement
How To Maintain The Fixed Vendor
Difference Between Regular And Fixed Vendor
Inter And Without Inter Company With Same Vendor
Blocking Vendors for Purchasing Or Payment
Function Of Vendor Account Group
Vendor Warranty Possible Options
Partner Functions Fields Cannot Change

Standard SAP Reports
Total No of Purchasing Documents by Purchasing Group

Customized MM ABAP Reports 
Mass display or print Purchase Order History
Mass Select and Print Material Master Changed History
Report to display 12 weeks forecast, Yesterday Stocks, Onhand Stocks,  MTD Pull, MTD GR
Auto Disallowed Back Posting to Previous Period
List Of BAPI For MM Modules

SAP MM Reference Books
SAP MM-Functionality and Technical Configuration

SAP MM Certification and Interview Questions: 
SAP MM Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations

... more SAP MM Books

SAP MM eBook
SAP MM Inventory Management Overview

A Step by Step Guide to the
SAP MM Inventory Management Configurations

Free MM Download (PDF) 
Configuring the SAP Material Master Material Type
Download MM Ebook: Set Material Master Field Attribute
Download MM Ebook: MM Tcodes By Business Roles
PDF: SAP Integration Model: MM PP SD FI

Mandatory To Extend Material In MMSC
MMSC Usage And MRP Indicator
Maintain Storage Locations Collectively

Purchase Order FAQ
Purchase Order Interview Questions
Purchasing Module Questions In Multiple Choice For Self-Test

Purchase Requisitions
Valuation price in PR and how to enter PR without Price
Automatic Conversion of PR to PO
How Can We Delete Purchase Requisition
Release Procedure for Purchase Requisitions
How To Create PO From PR With Ref to Contract

Purchase Info Records
What are the Types of Inforecords?
Change The Language In Purchase Info Record
Explanation Of Purchasing Info Record
Steps Of Creating Purchase Info Record
Quota Arrangement For Material - MEQ1

Purchase User Creating PO Using ME21N
Short Question What is PO / What is WO
About the Source List Determination
Alternatinve Release code for PR or PO
Procedure to Define Both Currency USD and EURO
EURX Conversion Exchange Rate Calculation
Language Error when creating Purchase Order
Handling diff. in PO, GRs and Vendor Invoice Prices
Steps for MM Pricing Procedures
Pricing Procedure In Purchase Order
Goods Receipts for PO does not contain any items
Purchase Order Acct Assignment For Service Items
Purchase Order Account Assignment Category
Purchase Order Fields Relevant to Printouts of Changes
No output on PO changes
Type of Changes Generally After Release of PO
Steps to take in order to force-close PO
Get Last PO Price / Default PR Price
Problem printing your Purchase Order
What is Purchasing Value Key
Control Sender Address when Sending PO
External Send - Sending PO by email
GR-Non Valuated Indicator
GR Based IV Tick Control
Restrict GR before Delivery Date
Accounting Entries for a Subcontract Order 
Increase number of line items in Purchase Order
Multiple Account Assignment for PO
What is Request for Quotation
Purchasing Configuration Tips
Complete Purchase Cycle Till FI
BOM Is Not Exploding In P.O.
Where is Cost Derived When Doing Goods Receipt
Purchasing Group and Purchasing Organization
How To Get The PO Create Date and Time
Explain About The PO Confirmation Control Key In Detail
Setting Required For PO Shipping Tab Field
GR Valuated At The Exchange Rate Given As Per PO
Trigger an IDoc whenever a Purchase Order is Created
Doing PO - Which BOM System will Pick
Steps to Create Auto PO
Explanation Of Blanket Purchase Order
Release Procedure With And Without Classification
Blocking The Purchase Order
Purchase Order IDOC NEU Output Type Configuration
Idoc for Purchase Order
KBS Account Assigned Purchase Order
Query To Extract PO Specific Condition Type
Wrong Decimal Notation in PO
Change Quantity In PR Generated by MRP
PO Terminated When Display Delivery Address
Item Overview Of A Purchase Order
Contract, Pipeline, Third-Party, Subcontract, Consignment

Freight Charges At GR For Purchase Order
Adjust Wrong Freight Condition In PO

Service Contracts In Material Management
Creating Contract To Vendor ME31K

Logistics Invoice Verification
Conventional Versus Logistic Invoice Verification
Important Accounts for Invoice Verification
No tax information during consignment Settlement
Consignment Process - Settlement
Use of Invoice Plan in SAP

Inventory Management
Consumption Based Planning Configuration
Setting Cross-company transaction
Inventory Beginning Balances
Variance between material and a/c of stock when use MB5L
Planned Delivery Time as Workdays
Valuation Category
MBST: Reversal of cleared items in FI
Difference Between Cancellation and Reversal
Automate the opening of MM periods
Allow/Disallowed Backposting of Inventory Posting
Re-Open The Previous Period
Process Of Imported Material With Excise
Excise Group For More Than One Plant
Procedure For Import P.O. and Duty
Difference for Stock Transfer and Transfer Posting
Creating The Stock Transfer Order
Setup IMG For Stock Transfer Purchase Order
Differences Between Restricted vs Blocked Stock
Inventory Posting To Price Differences Account
How MBEWH Table Get Updated
How To Get The Total Stock Consumption Data
Find Out Who Close Period In MMPV
Material Transfer With Different UOM
Mass Delete Physical Inventory Documents
History Changes On Reservation
344 343 Movement Unrestricted To Blocked Stocks
What Are Special Stocks

Serial No.
Inventory Serial Number Management
Serial Number For Existing Stock
Serial Number Profile
Difference between Serial No. and Batch Mgt

Physical Inventory
Physical Inventory Item Class
Physical Inventory Process
What is A, B, C & D Indicator for material for cyclic count
Open Physical Inventory Document
Physical Inventory Document Materials Not Appearing
Explain how to use Tcode MI31

MM Workflow
Purchase Order and Sales Order Workflow
Workflow of Purchase Requisition Release Strategy

Archiving a Material Master Record
Meaning of Archiving Residence Time
How to use "me98" to delete PO from system completely?
Deletion of Vendor Consignment Records
Deletion of Info Record

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