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Helpful SAP PP module contents to assist those supporting the SAP Production Planning Module.  There are samples certification, interview questions and answers as well as common tcodes used in SAP PP.  If you have any SAP Production Planning and Control question, please feel free to raise it in the SAP PP Forum.

The SAP PP modules are use mainly in the Manufacturing industry.  This component allow you to create BOM, routing, work center, plan orders, production order and confirmation.  It is tightly integrated with modules such as SAP MM and SAP SD thru the used of MRP which is also part of PP.

SAP PP Certification Exam
mySAP Certification - Criteria
SAP PP Certification – Sharing My Exam Experience
SAP PP Certification Sample Questions and Answers
SAP PP Self Test Certification Questions

Questions on Production Planning 
What is SAP Production Planning
SAP PP Questions and Answers
Sample Questions on SAP PP
SAP PP Test Questions (MCQ)
Steps of a Typical Production Process
SAP Production Execution Process
Production Resources Tools Self Review Questions and Answers

Interview Preparation
Interview Questions and Anwsers on SAP PP
SAP PP Interview Questions

Transaction Codes in SAP PP
Transaction Code To View All SAP Tables
Commonly Used Tcodes in PP Module Part 1
Commonly Used Tcodes in PP Module Part 2
Commonly Used Tcodes in PP Module Part 3
SAP ECM Transaction Codes
Tcodes of Common SAP PP Process
SAP PP Customizing Transaction Codes
OPJS - Defining Reduction Strategy

PP Tables
SAP Production Planning Table
SAP PP Master Data Tables
Table of the Order Production Operation
Cost Analysis Table In Production Order
MRP Area Forecast Table

MRP Report
The Concept Of MRP In ERP
Why used Planning tools like APO or I2?
Difference between MRP vs MPS
Factory Calendar
GR processing time in PP and MM
Calculation to determine the delivery date and release date
Purchasing processing Time - OPPQ
Define Safety Stock Availability
Defining MRP Groups
Questions on MRP Group and MRP Controller
Daily Task Of MRP Planner Using MD06
Explain MRP profile, MRP group, MRP controller, MRP type
How to Take The MRP Run for Individual MRP Controller
Individual Collective Requirement Indicator
The Common Planning Strategy used
Why Planning file entry still Exists
Planning File Entry Not Created
Total Planning ? Netch, Netpl, Neupl
How The MRP Planning File Works
Processing Keys In TC MD02
Planning Strategy Selection
MRP Monthly lot size
Reservation Not Created During MRP Run
How to Configure Range Of Coverage Profile
Lose of link between sales order and production order
Batch Characteristics while Running MRP
What is Firming Type in the MRP Types
How MRP Type In MM MRP View 1 Works
MRP Types Procedure Description
Functions of Production Version
Steps To Do Repetative Manufacturing
What The Use of Reorder Planning
What Is Planned and Unplanned Consumption
Planning separately via Storage Loc or Vendor MRP Area
MRP Area Customizing and Mass Updating
What is MRP Area And How Is It defined
MD04 - Inconsistencies after PGI - SDRQCR21
MD04 MD05 MD06 MD07 Differences
What Is Safety Stock In MRP ERP
Explain Rounding Profile In MRP
Difference Between MTO and MTS
Checking Groups and Checking Rules
MRP Not Creating Purchase Requisition
How And When To Use MDAB Transaction
Step by Step Process Of MRP Flow
Usage Probability For MRP Run
MRP To Generate PR Once In No Of days
Planned Order Split For Material During MRP RUN
Splitting Of The Forecast Requirements
Pre Requisites Before Running MRP
Creating Planning Scenario MS31
MRP And SOP Definition And Flow

Rescheduling date not take in account the GR Process Time
Schedule Margin Key in Production Scheduling
Work Scheduling View in Material Master
Scheduling Background Jobs for MRP
What is Finite and Infinite Scheduling
What Is Mean By Schedule Lines
Difference Between Basic and Lead Time Scheduling
What Is Work Scheduling
What Is The Rescheduling Horizon

Production Order
What Is Production Order
Production Setup Time
Material Stock in Production Order
Automatic Conversion to Production Orders
Regarding Production Order Confirmation
Add An Entry Field In CO11N
What is Backflushing
How Costing takes place in Production Orders
SAP flow for REWORK activity
Rework Thru Trigger Point
Serial Number For Component
Serial Number Concept And Scenario In PP
Procedure For Printing The Production Order
Issue and Receipt Storage Location in Production
Process Order (COR1) Batch Management
No GR and GI Posting After TECO
Change Not Allowed When Order Status TECO
Production Order Inspection Lot
Yield Of Operation for Next Operation
Production Order External Operation Processing
Account Assignment Of Production Order
MFBF REM Back Flushing

Standard PP Reports
Checking Costs and Revenues from the Sales Order
List of Confirmation on a Particular Work Center
Collective Report For Production Variance
Explain Reporting Point Backflush

Customized PP ABAP Reports
Exact data from the MRP Table
Production Order Quantity Change Daily Checklist
Compare Prod. Confirm against Planned by Work Centre
Customized Work Center List

Reference Books for SAP PP
Production Planning and Control with SAP ERP

SAP MM / PP Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: SAP Production Planning Certification

Production Planning with SAP APO-PP/DS

...more SAP PP Books

SAP PP eBook
A Step by Step Guide to the SAP PP Shop Floor Control Configurations

Free PP eBook Download 
Flow of Production Planning
Mass Change of Production Times
PDF: SAP Integration Model: MM PP SD FI
PDF: PP QM Flow in SAP

PP Frequently Asked Question
PP Year End To Do List
Production Planning and Control FAQ
List of PP Transport Request and their IMG Path
The Overall Flow For SAP PP
Production Planning Process Industries Flow
Planning / Production Alternate Plant
How To Do Master Record Mass Maintenance
Manufacturing Environment Relevant Questions and Answers

How to link BOM component to storage location
When is a Material BOM Not Exploded
Simple BOM / Group BOM
Explode BOM
Where used list for BOM
Controlling data for your Bill of Materials
Allocating BOM to Other Plant 
Mass Change Bill of Materials
Multi-level configuration with variants
Explain What Is Material Variants
What exactly is a Phantom item or Assembly means
Attachment Of Drawings in BOMs
Steps To Create Material BOM
How To Do Process Scrap Recycling
Fixed Waste For Finished Goods
CS03 To Display Alternative BOM
Types of BOM
Differences Between Sales BOM and Production BOM
Explain Detached Order Assembly
Bill Of Materials Self-Review Multiple Choice Questions Answers

Goods Movement
Define the default components reservation movement type
Goods Receipt (101) for Process Order
Goods receipt and goods issue through a PI sheet
Transactional Flow Of PP-PI
Steps for Subcontracting
Two Types of Subcontracting Relevant for PP
Stock in Transit - liquidation or remove stk which in transit
Restricting GR Unless Production Order Confirmed
Goods Receipt of a Production Order
Functionality Usage And Limitations Of COGI

Message / System Status
Changing warning msgs to error msg n vice-versa
Production Control System Messages
Production Order System Status
Explain System and User Status In Production Order

Discrete Manufacturing
What is Discrete Manufacturing, REM, Demand Mgt
Discrete Manufacturing - The Made To Order Cycle
Discrete Manufacturing - The Made To Stock Cycle
Discrete Manufacturing - The Step By Step Tcodes
Split The Order Qty In Discrete Manufacturing

Repetitive Manufacturing
What Is Repetitive Manufacturing

Capacity Planning
Capacity Leveling Profile Setup
Rough Cut Capacity Load In Standard SOP
Operation Dispatching and Deallocation

Work Center
Guide To Mass Replace Work Center
Set Parameter and Work Center Formula
Delete Or Archive Work Centers
Work Center Relevant Questions and Answers
Work Center Basic Data View And Formula

Planned Order
How to “permanently” delete new planned orders?
Assign Multiple Planned Order to a Purchase Requistion
Planned Order Conversion to Process Orders
Planned Order To Production Order Conversion
Planning Table Data MF50
MF50 Capacity Leveling With Production Order
Define Scheduling Parameters for Planned Orders

Engineering Change Management
A basic Engineering Change Management Setup

Split In Routing / Diff Between Alternative And Parallel Seq
What and How To Create Routing
Display of all Routings for All Materials at a Time
Forward and Backward Scheduling In Routing

Authorization Object For BOM

How To Delete Old Production Orders
Unable To Delete Production Order
BOM Archiving Object CS_BOM In CS28

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